City’s plan to electrify its vehicles continues with new EVs.

Both the LADWP and Public Works/StreetsLA are welcoming new electric vehicles to their fleets. Many departments are replacing their gasoline vehicles with electric alternatives.

On Aug. 2, Public Works/Street Services placed into service the City’s first electric Ford Pro F-150 Lightning pickup truck, to be charged with solar power. StreetsLA has been adding electric vehicles into its fleet over the last few months, including trucks, an excavator and a street sweeper.

On Aug. 11, LADWP took possession of a new Ford F-150 Lighting and a Ford Mustang Mach-E. Today, 75 percent of LADWP’s automobile fleet is all electric or hybrid-electric.

Additionally, the LAFD introduced the first electric fire engine in North America to its fleet in May.

In April, the City adopted a strategic long-term Electric Vehicle Master Plan, a comprehensive roadmap to establishing an all-electric fleet of City vehicles.

The future of fleet transportation is arriving to the City!


The LADWP staff managing the department’s electric vehicle fleet.
LADWP Board President Cynthia McClain-Hill test-drives the new Ford F-150 Lightning.
Board of Water and Power Commissioners Vice President Cynthia Ruiz stands with the LADWP’s new Ford Mustang Mach-E.

Public Works/StreetsLA

Mayor Eric Garcetti uses solar power to charge StreetsLA’s first electric F-150 Lightning.
Mayor Eric Garcetti (right) chats about the F-150’s “frunk” (front trunk) with (from left) StreetsLA Executive Director Keith Mozee and then-Chief Sustainability Officer Greg Spotts.
Public Works/StreetsLA’s new Ford Pro F-150 Lightning.