StreetsLA welcomes new sweeper operators.

New Drivers Sweep In

The 16 new Motor Sweeper Operators are congratulated by Keith Mozee, StreetsLA Executive Director and General Manager; Ana Tabuena-Ruddy, Assistant Director and Chief Sustainability Officer; Abraham Navarro, Course Instructor and Retired Assistant Director; Steve Jacobellis, Supervisor II; Sherarade Nichols, Division Manager; Gary Harris, Interim Assistant Director; Martina Ruiz, Management Analyst; and others.

At a City Hall ceremony Sept. 20, Public Works/StreetsLA graduated 16 new Motor Sweeper Operators from its training course. They were celebrated at a Board of Public Works meeting at City Hall. The Club thanks Paul Garcia, StreetsLA, for his assistance in producing this article.

The graduates are:

Tommy M. Altamirano
Maria D. Gaynor
Trino G. Gomez
Joseph Gonzalez III
Juan C. Garcia
Isaac A. Ibarra
Lakisha S. Jackson
Duron L. Levy
Salvador Luna
Manuel F. Martinez
Jamal M. Mayo
Richard Mendez
Phillip G. Perrin
Ralph Rodriguez Jr.
Antonio Ruiz
Robert A. Scholz

Welcome, new Motor Sweeper Operators!