Scenes From a Pandemic: Part 29

Alive! continues its documentation of City employees as they take a multitude of measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are entries from the Club and the City Twitter feeds about City Employees and Club Members at work during this trying time.

The phrases indicated by a # or an @ are Internet search locators that work as shortcuts to help find desired locations online. We included that text here for completeness; if you want to see those locations, simply copy and paste those phrases into your online browser.

City Clerk

“Our Outreach Team hard at work this weekend at the Lotus Festival and CICLAVIA events assisting Angelenos with their voter registration forms and providing election information! #LACITYCLERK #ELECTION2022 #LA”

— July 12

“@LACityClerk, engaging voters at the first Thrill of Sugar Hill Arts Fair. #voterregistration #ivotela

— July 20