Scenes From a Pandemic: Part 19

Alive! continues its documentation of City employees as they take a multitude of measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are entries from the Club and the City Twitter feeds about City Employees and Club Members at work during this trying time.

The phrases indicated by a # or an @ are Internet search locators that work as shortcuts to help find desired locations online. We included that text here for completeness; if you want to see those locations, simply copy and paste those phrases into your online browser.
Public Works/StreetsLA
“Big thanks to our StreetsLA crews 254 & 259 for showing @LACityDPW Commissioner Villegas @teresav320 paving a failed street – Quartz Ave in #cd3 & paving Chase St in #cd12 and demonstrating other heavy equipment. StreetsLA making our streets safe and mobile for all.”

— Aug. 24

LAPD Mental Evaluation Unit

“Detective Paul Scire Memorial Co-Responder Team of the Year Award. Clinician Daniel Mansfield and Officer Daniel Jones. Giving a voice to the voiceless. @LACDMH @LAPDHQ @NAMIGLAC @LaAutism @LAPDBBixler @LizR44785776”

— Aug. 20

Airports/Cultural Affairs

“Our incredible maintenance and art program teams came together this week to clean and shine ‘Recovering Equilibrium,’ a 9/11 memorial at the base of the Theme Building by artists BJ Krivanek and Joel Breaux. #WeRemember911”

— Sept. 10

LAPD Pacific Area (HQ)

“Labor Day Weekend in LA … sunny skies, families strolling the Venice Boardwalk, and LAPD Reserves on a foot beat – a formula for success. We hope you are having a fun and safe holiday weekend, and we will be here to protect and to serve.”

— Sept. 6

Public Works/Engineering

“The arches on the Sixth Street Viaduct Replacement Project take a lot of prep work before the concrete pour.”

— Sept. 2