Sanitation welcomes new employees.

Photos courtesy LASAN

At Sanitation’s “Beyond Onboarding” new employee orientation program April 8.

During the second event in its new “Beyond Onboarding” program April 8, Public Works/Sanitation and Environment welcomed new employees.

Last September, Sanitation introduced its new “Beyond Onboarding” orientation program, which contained presentations, networking, bureau structure information, and core projects.

Nicole Bernson, Assistant Director, External Affairs and Special Projects, was the driving force behind the new employee orientation program. Others on the team included Kenneth Jeong; Cherie Byers; Niesha Louis; Adriene Murphy; Cindie Bassett; Pam Perez; Doug Walters; Deanna Gomez; Samantha Smith; Andrea San Augustin; Rafael Porter; Jessica Aguiano; and Lillian Myrato. Well done, all!

Welcome new Sanitation employees!