Sanitation Livability’s CARE Team Addressing Unhoused.

Caring for the Coast

Barbara Romero, Director and General Manager, Public Works/Sanitation and Environment, led the CARE program announcement setting up teams along the coast in Council District 11.

On May 7, Sanitation and Environment’s Livability Team launched a CARE+ team dedicated to the coastal area in Council District 11’s coastal areas. The new CARE team – Comprehensive Cleaning and Rapid Engagement – will conduct encampment cleanups and health hazard removal on the City’s public rights-of-way and deliver services to individuals experiencing homelessness within the area.

Our November 2020 cover story on Sanitation’s CARE program that takes care of the hygiene needs of the City’s unhoused. That’s just part of Sanitation’s recent announcement.

The City established its CARE program in 2019 to conduct encampment cleanups along with trash, litter/debris and health and safety hazard removals. The CARE mission is to deliver services to unhoused individuals within service areas.

In our XX issue, Alive! focused on Livability programs that helped unhoused Angelenos stay clean and hygenic. That outreach is part of this most recent activation along the coast.

Well done, Sanitation, for taking care of the least of the Angelenos among us.