Sanitation honors its best and brightest.

Thanks, Employees!

Story and photos courtesy Pamela Perez, Sanitation

On Dec. 3, Public Works/Sanitation held its annual employee recognition and appreciation event, honoring 25 employees for their excellent work.

The event, hosted by Director and General Manager Enrique Zaldivar, was held at Sanitation’s atrium downtown.

Each division nominated two employees they felt were deserving. Here’s the list of those honored:

Employee Title Division
James Mauldin Environmental Specialist II SRCRD
Mariellah De La Rosa Environmental Compliance Inspector SRCFD
Jasmine Peña Administrative Clerk CCD
Bernadette Halverson* Sr. Environmental Engineer Support Svcs.
Jose Lozano Video Technician II Exec. Office
Leon Ho Management Assistant LSD
Lou Glover Acting Crew Instructor SRVCD
Mark Delgado* Maintenance Laborer SRPCD
Manuel Rodriguez Refuse Collection Truck Operator SRSCD
Jackie Alexander Payroll Supervisor II Admin.
Quyen Doan Sr. Management Analyst II FMD
Michelle Barton* Environmental Specialist RAD
Lupe Gonzalez Emergency Management Coordinator I ISCD
Minh Nguyen Environmental Compliance Inspector IWD
Rea Crinklaw Water Biologist III EMD
Samra Varesanovic Systems Programmer II ICSD
Cesar Najarro* Wastewater Collection Worker II CWNCD
Ammar Eltawil Civil Engineering Associate IV WPD
Regidia Voong Environmental Engineer WESD
Charles David* Instrument Mechanic CWSCD
Albina Svircic Electrical Engineering Associate II WRID
Mitzi Minamide* Environmental Engineering Associate II WRID
Miguel Medina Wastewater Treatment Operator I DCT
Paul Wautlet Wastewater Treatment Operator III LAG
Nabor Espino Mechanical Helper TIWRP

*photo not available for this story

Congratulations to those honored, and to all Sanitation employees!