Salvage unit takes care of City’s extras, saves money.

Salvage, to the Rescue

In June, and then continuing into July, General Services’ Salvage Unit took up a central window in City Hall South to show visitors what the unit is all about.

Salvage’s story was displayed in City Hall South during June and part of July.

Through the display, the Salvage unit wanted to make sure City employees knew what the Salvage unit does, why it does it, and how to access its services.

“We staged an informational exhibit at City Hall South titled, “got Salvage?” said DJ Jackson, Sr. Storekeeper, 24 years of City service, Club Member. “We were requested to display the many functions of Salvage and how we may assist not only other departments in the salvage process for assets purchased with City funds, but also how we save departments money as well as for the City taxpayer.”

DJ Jackson’s hand-drawn concept art of the window display.

The display was a labor of love for DJ, an illustrator and graphic artist before joining General Services. “Everybody had input into the presentation,” she says. How’s the reaction been? “Pretty good,” she says. “We had a couple of people call us, wanting to buy things. They thought we were a commercial store.”

The Salvage unit, located in the basement of Piper Tech (the entrance is in the back), receives a diverse allotment of items ranging from vehicles, tires, copper wiring, metal scraps, office furniture and other supplies from various City departments. These items are then recycled, disposed of, or put up for auction.

A scale-model forklift helped tell the Salvage story.

Awareness has been good, but the primary purpose of the window exhibit has been more functional, DJ says. “The exhibit is just to get people to fill out the forms correctly!”
Salvage’s forms and processes are posted, or interested departments can contact the department directly at (213) 473-8200 for one-on-one customer service.