Friendship and Service

by Robert Larios, CEO, The Club

Robert Larios

As I write in this month’s main news story, I very much am humbled and honored to serve Club Members as the CEO of both the Los Angeles City Employees Association and the subsidiary Employees Club of California. I trust you have or will read my thoughts at length later in this issue.

One thing I wanted to emphasize here, though, is the friendship I have with John Hawkins, who founded the Club in 2002. We have worked many hours on Members’ behalf, and when work rides upon mutual respect and support, that work can only be more productive. I know our friendship has led to even higher levels of service to you, our Members. We have worked together for a single purpose – celebrating your work and lives. It is a friendship that has borne much fruit.

From left: Club Founder John Hawkins and LACEA CEO Robert Larios.

But that friendship goes beyond work efficiencies and productivity. All true friendships do. So, again, thank you, John, for your mentorship, your leadership, your vision – and your friendship.

Holiday Parties

I am delighted that City departments are slowly but surely celebrating the holidays with group parties again! (The Club had our own holiday festivities, too.) General Services threw a party for the first time since the pandemic, and nearly 350 people attended. LAFD’s headquarters division celebrated with Santa, and of course our friends at RLACEI were at capacity for their holiday party. (All three parties are chronicled in this month’s issue.) We love covering holiday parties, and we thank Lydia Marquez, Eric Robles, Ruth Perry, Beverly Clark and our own Cynthia Ha for inviting us. 

Fifty Years

From time to time I use this space to congratulate City employees – some of whom are Retired, and some of whom have passed on – who served the City for incredible lengths of service. This month is different – Club Member David Cook is approaching 50 years of service, and he’s still working. Just incredible! Thank you, David, for your example of service, and congratulations on your certificate of appreciation.

Worth Considering

Every morning, no matter how we perceive our lives, let’s wake up with gratitude for simply being alive. Remember that there are others in this world who are courageously battling for their very survival.

A Toast

I wish Club Members a very Happy New Year. Use this milestone as an opportunity to delete the outdated version of yourself that’s taking up space in your mind, and start anew.

¡Gracias por leer!