Ready for the Spotlight

by Robert Larios, CEO, The Club

Robert Larios

A star is born! By that I mean the incredible Club Truck!

This beautiful new Club innovation in steel and solar has been more than a year in the making. We are delighted to finally be able to tell you about it. It’s all about serving Members, and really anyone who loves authentic California merchandise, in cutting-edge ways.

Our plans to evolve Club retail have been developing over several years, but the pandemic and its famous difficulties for securing a suitable vehicle slowed the pace. We could have sourced a different vehicle, but our vision for serving Members at the next level demanded we wait and obtain exactly what we needed for the level of service we insist upon. We are glad we waited and did it correctly. I know you will be, too.

The November photo shoot highlighting the Club Truck included the Club’s Eddie Escalona, Summy Lam, Lupe Lira and, holding the reflectors, Marie and David Jamgotchian of JJLA Associates, the designers of Alive!

I am reminded of the reaction from an umpire at the first Club-sponsored softball tournament in September when he first saw the Club Truck make its celebrity entrance: “Whoa! Is that the Club?” It sure is. I expect you will have the same reaction when you first see it.

Design Par Excellence

Our feature in this issue does a beautiful job of telling all the details of the Club Truck – its capabilities and its vision. My kudos to David Jamgotchian of JJLA Associates for the impressive layout. (That’s David and Marie Jamgotchian holding the light reflectors in the photo below.)

Honoring You

Why did we develop the Club Truck? For this reason: The Club is dedicated to honoring the exceptional contributions of public service employees in California. That is our vision in all that we do.

Worth Considering

Don’t let fear slay your potential. In 2024, it’s time to slay those fears instead, and let your growth soar!

Looking to 2024: Club Members, you can look forward to continued improvements and expansions to our ClubMobile program, affordable insurance products, and exemplary customer service. We are always on the job, improving how we return value to Club Members in California.

That leaves me with just enough space to wish each of you peace, joy and kindness for the holiday season 2023. You matter to us. Merry Christmas!

¡Gracias por leer!