Real Stories

by Robert Larios, CEO, The Club

Robert Larios

Each November, Alive! gets real.

I should say, even more real. When we consider which stories to place on our cover, we consider their behind-the-scenes facts of important City projects, their insights into City thinking, and their clear glimpses of the present and future here in Los Angeles. And of course, how strongly they celebrate and honor the work of Club Members and City employees. That is essential.

But every November brings us to a different, compelling level, for that is when we publish the Above and Beyond recaps of LAPD heroism and sacrifice amidst some of the most frightening scenarios imaginable. These are real people protecting us from real danger. This year, we put them on our cover.

I thank profoundly all those Officers honored this and every year; the Los Angeles Police Foundation, for providing us the stories and headshots; and Foundation Executive Director Dana Katz for her gracious assistance.

One Amazing Vision

CEO Robert Larios delivering copies of our October issue to Yvonne Farrow, Arts Manager II, Cultural Affairs, at the Vision Theatre, the subject of the cover story.

What a treat it was to deliver copies of our October issue to Yvonne Farrow, Cultural Affairs and Club Member, and see the magnificent Vision Theatre project infused thoroughly with innovation and creativity. When the renovated performing arts center reopens in 2025, I am certain it will become one of the finest landmarks in the City. Well done to Yvonne and her team at DCA and the Bureau of Engineering!

Ethel’s Passion

Can you imagine working 64 years for a cause you love? That was Ethel Pattison, who passed away in September at 97. Her official years of City service might have totaled a “mere” 32, but she worked to support Airports for more than a half century. Her work helped change attitudes about growing LAX into the world leader that it is today; she exhibited true vision, dedication and clarity of purpose. I send condolences to her daughter, LeValley, and to all of Ethel’s friends and colleagues.

Ethel Pattison

Worth Considering

Embrace the silver linings that surround you, and transform negatives into positives, starting now. Lead with empathy, not ego.

In life, every person you meet serves a purpose — they either teach you valuable lessons or bring out your best self.

I wish a sincere and simple Happy Thanksgiving to our Club Members and their families. Let us count our blessings – they number in the multitude.

¡Gracias por leer!