Sustaining a Story

by Robert Larios, CEO, The Club

Robert Larios

We at Alive! had intended to catch up with the sustainability gurus at StreetsLA’s Center for Green Innovation since it was first created last year at the end of the pandemic. We decided to wait until a safer time. We did not know it, but when we reached out in June to new-ish Chief Sustainability Officer Ana Tabuena-Ruddy, we lucked into some pretty good timing. We are delighted we waited!

First, the Center was testing the country’s first fully electric street sweeper at that very moment, and there was but a two-week window to observe it. We landed right in the middle of it.

At the Center for Green Innovation at the StreetsLA North Hollywood Yard are (from left) Ana Tabuena-Ruddy, Assistant Director and Chief Sustainability Officer, StreetsLA; Brent Jones, Superintendent of Cleaning, StreetsLA; and Club CEO Robert Larios.

Then, the Center made the decision to purchase that first EV sweeper while we were producing the story; the purchase ceremony with Councilman Bob Blumenfield took place literally after our photo shoot. (Credit goes to Club COO and ace photographer Summy Lam for getting it done in remarkably efficient time!)

One slight hiccup gave us literal pause – our photo shoot was postponed at the last minute due to a job action called by City unions a few days in advance. We worked deftly around that.

We thank and recognize everyone at the Center – you can see them photographed in the story – who helped make our visit happen by clearing the way for the photo space we needed. We also honor Ana, Brent Jones, Michael Cox and Alex Lozano for updating us on the Center’s activities, and Dan Halden, Paul Gomez and Stephanie Clements for pulling it all together. (A special shout-out goes to Ana’s mother, Isabelita Tabuena, who reads us every month!)

Birthing a Great Photo

Officer Evan Houser and Jessica Lee holding son Nicholas Houser.

My favorite item this month announces the birth of Nicholas Houser, son of Jessica Lee, Public Works/Sanitation, and LAPD Officer 3 Evan Houser (you can see the joyous photos on page 23). The second photo is, to my mind, the first time we’ve run a birth photo including two parents both wearing their City uniforms. Magic! Thank you, Jessica, for thinking of us. (Club Members: Send us your life-event photos. There’s no better way to share your good news with colleagues. It is one of the best ways the Club can honor you for your service.)

Worth Considering

You are not here by accident. You have a special reason for being alive. Accept it and live with purpose. Every day, know that you are valuable and were made to do something important in this world.


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