What Giving Means

by Robert Larios, CEO, The Club

Robert Larios

In retirement, Zaki Mustafa, LADOT, Club Member, has transformed tens of thousands of lives. And maybe even his own.

For our photo shoot in November to illustrate his story, Zaki promised he would bring some volunteers – current LADOT employees who help him give away jackets to those who live on the streets. We prepared to include maybe five or ten, but they kept coming. And coming. A chorus of people – another 20 or 30 — waiting at the light a block away shouted, “Wait for us!” Wait we did. You see those photos on our cover, and inside our feature.

The Club has known Zaki Mustafa for many years. He had an exemplary career at LADOT, which we covered as he rose to lead the international Institute of Transportation Engineers. When he retired, the City Council threw him a goodbye event, and LADOT named a school crosswalk for him.

That pales in comparison to what he’s doing now. From a single instance of giving a jacket to a man in need, he and his wife, Loretta, and their volunteers have now given away 55,000 jackets. That is truly impressive.

For our Holiday cover, we could think of no better example of what giving means than Zaki. We hope you enjoy his story.

From left: Zaki Mustafa, Retired, and Club CEO Robert Larios in front of the Caltrans/LADOT building downtown, where Zaki’s Transforming a Life charity began.

Worth Considering:

If we take a second lesson from Zaki besides helping others, I offer this: Instead of making excuses, take action. It’s up to you to make things happen. You have the power to change your life for the better. What are you waiting for? Go out there and make it happen!

Year-End Dedications:

As the year winds down, I wish to call out three City employees who passed away recently having dedicated more than half their lives to serving the City: Andrew Moffitt served 52 years; Emiko Suzukawa served 50 years; and Robert Humphries served 52 years, all with the LADWP. That totals a century and a half of service. Remarkable! May they rest in peace.

Looking to 2023:

Club Members, you can look forward to incredible improvements and expansions to our #ClubMobile program and our help desk, affordable insurance products, and exemplary customer service. These are exciting times.

That leaves me with just enough space to wish each of you peace, joy and kindness for the holiday season 2022. The Club absolutely honors and celebrates you for your service to Los Angeles. You matter to us. Merry Christmas!

¡Gracias por leer!