One Cool Club

by Robert Larios, CEO, The Club

Robert Larios

What a genius idea! That was my thought in researching our cover story this month: cooling the street pavement and adding more shade trees to help Los Angeles reduce the City temperature. I observed the Cool Neighborhoods LA project being put into action at a press event in South LA six weeks ago or so. That is next-level joined-up thinking, in my mind, and I am glad we can bring you that story in Alive! this month. (We thank Paul Gomez at StreetsLA for his assistance.)

There is little doubt our world is warming up. With Cool Neighborhoods LA, StreetsLA fights back, and it is taking that innovation to each corner of LA. Well done, StreetsLA! Out-of-bounds thinking pays dividends.

Club CEO Robert Larios (right) with (from left) Rudy Villafana, Tree Surgeon Assistant, 5 years, Club Member, and Samuel Varo, Tree Surgeon Assistant, 2 years of City service, Club Member.

But I appreciated another aspect to the “coolness” of the event: Everywhere I looked, I saw the Club. Very cool indeed! Just look at these names who play outsized roles in Cool Neighborhoods LA: Craig Shaw, James Hawkins, Rudy Villafana, Sam Varo, Josue Ocampo, Nikki Ezhari, David Miranda, Stephen Duprey, Luis Torres, Jose Gonzalez, and perhaps even others I am sorry to have missed — it was a speedy morning! That is only one project, on one morning. Club Members, feel proud that world-class innovation is being led by fellow Club Members. Impressive!

One note on Craig Shaw: This most impressive person has been a Club Member since he was 16. Sixteen! That would be the youngest Club Membership signup I am aware of. (Were you younger than Craig when you joined the Club? I would love to hear from you!) Craig was, and is, a very wise man, I would say!

From left; Club CEO Robert Larios; Greg Spotts, Chief Sustainability Officer; Craig Shaw, General Superintendent II, Club Member; and James Hawkins, Supervisor II, Club Member.

Back to Baker to Vegas

I am delighted the world is getting back to normal, one step at a time. I offer this as proof this month: Baker to Vegas coverage in Alive! That is what we do best! Thanks to the Club’s Arlene Herrero and Dylan Herrero for their impressive reporting skills. Also worth mentioning is the RLACEI’s Spring Fling. Socializing again — carefully — felt very good. I give a shoutout to Ruth Perry and Beverly Clark for putting it together.

Finally, welcome to summer! May it bring you closer to your family and your purpose.

¡Gracias por leer!