The Art of Living

by Robert Larios, CEO, The Club

Robert Larios

Two subjects piqued my interest in this edition of Alive! – one involving an extremely busy airport where some things are worth slowing down for; and the other about a woman who will not slow down even as she reaches the century mark.

I did not imagine they were related, but now I am convinced they are. Together they exemplify the art of living.

First, our beautiful cover story, artfully arranged by Alive! designer David Jamgotchian from images supplied by our friends at Los Angeles World Airports and Cultural Affairs, demonstrates LAWA’s professional commitment to an outstanding customer experience. As passengers we think we do not have time to gaze at an airport’s walls, but the art put together by LAWA Art Program Director Sarah Cifarelli proves otherwise. It is beautiful! I say thanks to LAWA and Cultural Affairs for going the extra mile for the benefit of our City and the world. Please enjoy it while you travel.

Retiree Carrie Gabriel at her 100th birthday party, accepting a congratulatory plaque from Club CEO Robert Larios.

The other story involves the unstoppable Carrie Gabriel, Retired from several different City departments, who turned 100 in January. Our friend Beverly Clark from the Retired Los Angeles City Employees, Inc. (RLACEI) brought Carrie to our attention by writing about her twice in these pages. I was more than honored to attend Carrie’s milestone party and celebration of the life she continues to lead. Congratulations, Carrie.

On we go … I was touched by the remembrance written by Retiree Betty Uyeda about someone she hardly knew – Gordon Brooks. Then there is Retiree Ben Alirez’s first novel … a Rec and Parks food drive … likely our first female Fire Chief, Kristin Crowley … four LAPD Officers who saved a pilot who crashed … hundreds of other LAPD personnel stepping up for the family of a fallen brother … and so much more good news. Is this what it feels like to come out of a pandemic? I hope so.

It is my great honor to congratulate Regner Globus, who retired from Harbor after 31 years of City service. Regner also served his fellow City employees by participating for many years on the Employees Club board. Thank you, Regner.

I am proud to bring you the news of this month in print and on the web. We do this to return value to our many Members and celebrate your lives. Don’t forget to take the time to notice the art all around you, and enjoy the days as they lengthen toward springtime.

¡Gracias por leer!