The Club visits the Library’s social team, from left: Club COO Robert Larios; the Library’s Kevin Awakuni, Kadie Seitz and Keith Kesler; and the Club’s Summy Lam.

by Robert Larios, COO, The Club

Robert Larios

What started out as an inside-the-paper story, quickly became cover-worthy.

The Club team follows many City social media accounts so that we can better serve you with maximum value. That social connection has proven especially important in staying in touch with you, our highly valued Club Members, and all municipal employees during the COVID lockdown.

Back in May, we were amused to see the Library posting on Twitter a concert for teenagers in front of the book stacks at the Cypress Park branch. We had never seen anything like it, so we started to prepare a small story on that subject for inside the next paper. But when that Library post went viral in a significant way, being seen and shared by millions of people around the world, we rethought. We realized that the viral post became an avenue for us to talk about a bigger story, the impressive performance of the Library in bringing its services online during the pandemic. So, onto the cover it went, where we had more space to explore the depth of the story.

I am delighted we did. Thanks to Kadie Seitz, Kevin Awakuni, Keith Kesler, Justin Pearson and Susan Lendroth for assisting us in capturing the details. I encourage you to read about their great success.

Speaking of the Library and online, I meant to mention something last month but I ran out of space. As you might know, we publish the Library’s Top Ten lists of its most borrowed books, videos and songs every month online. I noticed something very curious in the list last month: “Midnight Train to Georgia,” the Gladys Knight and the Pips hit from 1973, on the list! We mentioned this curious fact to the Library, and several Librarians got to work wondering why. (Librarians are wonderful in this way!) The consensus settled on:
1) it had just been featured on “American Idol;” 2) Gladys Knight and the song had just been featured on the PBS program “A Capitol Fourth;” and 3) it continues to be a popular song. Imagine all the fun you can have when you read the monthly lists! Enjoy them at

Thanks to Alan Westby, Mary McCoy and Ani Boyadjian for doing our legwork at the Library to satisfy our curiosity.

Finally, as Southern California continues to reopen (carefully, as the pandemic is still a challenging reality), remember to check out for current information on Club deals.

Club Members, enjoy the beginning of summer, y gracias por leer.