Alive! editor John Burnes (second from left) with (from left) Ali Joorabchi, Electrical Engineering Associate; Yamen Nanne, Electrical Engineer; Kianiwai Jones, Electrical Engineering Associate; and Christopher Winters, Electrical Mechanic Supervisor, at the LADWP Crenshaw Customer Service Center.

by Robert Larios, COO, The Club

Robert Larios

Are you plugged in?
I am speaking of an electric vehicle, of course. Making the major shift to sustainable energy is on my personal agenda, but after my interview this month with the LADWP electric charging crew and its plans for building and funding more stations, I anticipate this happening sooner rather than later.

LA has more electric vehicle charging stations than any other city in the country, and we can thank the team we feature in this month’s cover story for that fact. They have become world leaders in the process, too. The LADWP team reached the milestone of 10,000 stations built and/or funded two years early, and there is no stopping them, even with regenerative brakes! Okay, I apologize for that sustainability joke.

All that you need to know about the program – its history, strategy and accomplishments – is in our feature. Plug yourself into the story and begin making plans for your transportation future.

I thank Yamen Nanne and Paola Adler of LADWP for assisting us in producing this important story.

As an aside: I share an anecdote that occurred when Summy Lam of the Club took the LADWP larger team photo at the JFB administration building. (The photo is on page 13 of the print edition.) As LADWP team members gathered, we realized that some of them had not seen each other in person in 14 months. The photo shoot was a delightful reunion for them! I expect that many work reunions are taking place now that offices are beginning to open. Getting through the pandemic has been a challenge to all of us, and that moment reminded me that we can begin to breathe again. The pandemic is not over, but I feel that clearly we are in a different phase now.

Finally I want to note the retirement of outstanding Cabrillo Marine Aquarium photographer Gary Florin, 25 years of City service. Thank you, Gary, for keeping us connected to CMA over the years with your eye-popping images. We publish a few here:

Club Members, enjoy the beginning of summer, y gracias por leer.