Here’s a listing of all those who retired from the City this month.

To all we say, welcome to the Best Years!


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Adame, MarkWater DistributionDWPN/D
Ahmadi, Masoud E.Civil Eng. Ass.Public Works39
Alarcon, Diego F.Traffic OfficerTransportation31
Anderson, Gerald L.Sr. Traffic SupervisorTransportation32
Anderson, Letidda M.Sr. Traffic SupervisorTransportation31
Aquino, Joycelyn StellaAdministrative ClerkLAPD33
Araiza, Jose A.Manage. AnalystHousing22
Arellano, Maria TeresaSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD34
Arroyo, Gemeniano B.Parking AttendantGeneral Ser.12
Arroyo, Maria A.InvestigatorHousing12
Artinian, Loucin A.Personnel AnalystLACERS37
Avila, EstebanPower SupplyDWPN/D
Bejarano, AlejandroMetering ServicesDWPN/D
Berrones, Marcellino R.Sr. GardenerRec and Parks20
Bland, Gregory J.Head Custodian Sup.Airpoerts34
Brink, DonaldConstr. & Maint.DWPN/D
Broker, Brenda E.ParalegalCity Attorney14
Bush, Frank M.Supt. of BuildingBldg. & Safety30
Bylard, Thomas D.Constr./Maint. Gn. Sup.General Ser.27
Campos, Mark A.StorekeeperGeneral Ser.32
Carr, Firpo W.Systems AnalystLAPD6
Chang, Cheng Tong R.ArchitectPublic Works30
Chang, MichaelWater DistributionDWPN/D
Chen, WilliamPower PlanningDWPN/D
Cheng, William L.AccountantAging42
Collins, Elizabeth BarraLibrarianLibrary8
Cordova, AliciaSr. Traffic Super.Transportation30
Corral, ManuelRefuse Coll. Truck Op.Public Works32
Cristobal, Soledad B.Benefits SpecialistLACERS31
Darby-Rutland, LucretiaCustomer ServiceDWPN/D
Davis, Louis E.Refuse Coll. Truck Op.Public Works40
Delgado, William DeanAdmin. ClerkLAPD13
Delorenzo, Cindy M.Admin. ClerkLibrary5
Dematos, Kerry A.Port PilotHarbor19
Deisch, AllenWater DistributionDWPN/D
Di Tucci, AnthonyBoat CaptainHarbor30
Diankoff, DianaSr. Recreation Dir.Rec and Parks20
Dingman, Walter JesseRecreation Ass.Rec and Parks1
Dovalle, Joao T.Refuse Coll. Truck Op.Public Works31
Drew, LonnieITSDWPN/D
Dunton, ErnestTraffic OfficerTransportation43
Estrella, ArmandoPower TransmissionDWPN/D
Fernandez, Anita JaneDirector of SystemsPublic Works34
Foster, DarylPower TransmissionDWPN/D
Frank, Laurence B.Deputy MayorMayor’s Office11
Frazier, Robyn ReneSr. Police Serv. RepLAPD28
Fukaye Mochizuki, Jean K.PhotographerLAPD29
Garcia, Maria ChristinaSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD38
Gardner, Gary L.Sr. PainterRec and Parks33
Gardner, SherrySecretaryRec and Parks35
Gaw, EddiePower PlanningDWPN/D
Giannini, Anthony J.Sr. Build. Mech. Insp.Bldg. & Safety45
Giese, JohnPower Ext. EnergyDWPN/D
Gilbertsen, Eric S.Sr. Survey Super.Harbor23
Gore, BrianITSDWPN/D
Goshi Forney, Natalie A.SecretaryLAFD33
Gotauco, ZitaFinance/Risk Contr.DWPN/D
Granados, Linda P.Manag. AnalystPublic Works18
Gray, KellyFleet ServicesDWPN/D
Gutierrez, NicanorPower TransmissionDWPN/D
Hansen, Nels A.Security OfficerAirports24
Harryman, Ronald B.LibrarianLibrary18
Hill, LyndaCustomer ServiceDWPN/D
Hill-Akhigbe, DebraCustomer BillingDWPN/D
Hilliard, Evelyn BerniceCrossing GuardTransportation4
Hoffman, RichardSupply ChainDWPN/D
Hom, Judith A.Exec. Admin. Asst.LAFD39
Hsu, FrankPower PlanningDWPN/D
Hu, HuiMessenger ClerkLibrary1
Ibrahimi, John I.Civil Engineering Ass.Harbor40
Jimenez, Jaime R.Survey Party ChiefPublic Works26
Johnson, Collins A.Maint. & Constr. HelperGeneral Ser.31
Kanan, Patrick J.Sr. Rec. DirectorRec and Parks42
Keehne, Daniel S.OfficerAirport Police35
Keoseian, Verkin A.Manag. AnalystPersonnel37
Ko, Agnes H.Sr. Manag. AnalystRec and Parks31
Kobaissi, Charlie N.Equip. MechanicAirports38
Kochendarfer, KennethPower TransmissionDWPN/D
Lau, ChesterSustainabilityDWPN/D
Lee, MorganPower PlanningDWPN/D
Lin, Carolyn MarieEnviron. Affairs Off.Airports16
Lopez, IsmaelSupply ChainDWPN/D
Loveland, GregoryWater OperationsDWPN/D
Lowe, JerryWater OperationsDWPN/D
Lowe, Rhonda PantellasDeputy City AttorneyCity Attorney13
Loya, SusanPower SupplyDWPN/D
Lozano, Eddie F.CarpenterRec and Parks30
Lucero, Godofredo B.Security OfficerAirports17
Madison, ZaraCustomer ServiceDWPN/D
Magpoc, Roberto T.Sr. Admin. ClerkLAPD30
Mai, Thanh V.Civil Eng. Ass.Public Works30
Maniquiz, Josefina B.Laboratory TechPublic Works34
Mariscal, Rebecca A.Admin. ClerkLibrary 21
Maryanski, RichardFleet ServicesDWPN/D
Maslin, Edward FosterDeputy GMAirports8
McAndrew, EdwardSecurity ServicesDWPN/D
McDaniel, PhyllisCustomer ServiceDWPN/D
McKenzie, Rosetta O.Sr. Systems AnalystRec and Parks37
McQueen, DannyWater DistributionDWPN/D
Medina, AdolfoConstruction Insp.Public Works34
Mfume, Rashad A.Fin. Manag. Spec.Controller’s Office27
Migliaro, JosephWater OperationsDWPN/D
Montanez, Sandra CuevasPolice Service RepLAPD31
Morales, OliviaHuman ResourcesDWPN/D
Moreno, FrankMech. RepairerRec and Parks34
Moser, ChristopherMetering ServicesDWPN/D
Mowery, Georgia M.Sr. Project Coord.Transportation25
Munn, Andre D.OfficerAirport Police37
Murdock, VirginiaWater OperationsDWPN/D
Nadle, TerrenceWater OperationsDWPN/D
Najera, MarylouSecretaryPublic Works25
Nash, Lawrence J.Sr. LibrarianLibrary31
Nguyen, Lien NgManag. AnalystLACERS31
Ogata, LaurelHuman ResourcesDWPN/D
Ohanian, Edick B.Pr. Civil EngineerPublic Works35
Olson, Christophe LeeSr, Traffic Supv.Transportation36
Omahony, JohnConstruction Insp.Public Works18
Ortiz, Bryan S.OfficerAirport Police25
Partida, LuisPower PlanningDWPN/D
Penalver, FranciscoEnv. Chem. LabDWPN/D
Perez, JoelPower TransmissionDWPN/D
Peters, Carolina L.Program AideCity Clerk39
Poire, MattCarpenter Super.Public Works25
Powell, Avis K.Sr. Traffic SupervisorTransportation31
Quattlebaum, Raashi H.St. Light. Engr. Ass.Public Works10
Raasch, Daryl R.Sr. Civil EngineerHarbor35
Ramirez, FernandoGraphics DesignerLAPD32
Ramirez, KurtSurvey Party ChiefHarbor35
Ramiro, Lourdes CastilloAccountantBldg. & Safety17
Reamey, KennethEnergy SupportDWPN/D
Robles, CrispinoPower Con./Maint.DWPN/D
Rodriguez, MaritzaAccounting ClerkCity Clerk16
Romero, AnaPower SupplyDWPN/D
Romero, Jose C.Air Cond. MechanicAirports19
Roxas, Gina CalonSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD31
Royles, Edward B.Port PilotHarbor20
Rubin, MarkRetirement PlanDWPN/D
Saddler, KeithWater DistributionDWPN/D
Sanchez, MichaelIntegrated SupportDWPN/D
Sanchez, Precy T.Acctg. Rec Supv.Bldg. & Safety31
Schiavo, DavidWater DistributionDWPN/D
Shen Torbik, Emily C.LibrarianLibrary2
Silic, MichaelPower Const./Maint.DWPN/D
Singer, Charles A.Supt. of OperationsRec and Parks44
Skillens, RandyPower SupplyDWPN/D
Smith, Rodney C.Sr. Traffic Supv.Transportation34
Spencer, Case D.Environmental Eng.Public Works30
Staffeld, TroyFleet ServicesDWPN/D
Stumbo, Jane E.Social WorkerAging6
Surles, RhondaMetering ServicesDWPN/D
Ta, TrungPower Const./Maint.DWPN/D
Tapp, Lori JeanBuyerGeneral Ser.5
Torres, Virgilio B.Land Surveying Asst.Harbor29
Touch, Jaime K.Sr. Systems AnalystHarbor20
Trieu, Dao ToProgrammer/AnalystITA30
Trimarchi, AnthonySecurity OfficerLAPD6
Trujillo, GabrielaSr. Admin. ClerkGeneral Ser.31
Truong, Nee HueInfo Systems Mgr.ITA31
Tsai, TheresaPower Const./Maint.DWPN/D
Uribe, BernardoPower TransmissionDWPN/D
Van Ness, Robin LeighPolice Service RepLAPD32
Vasquez, Albert B.StorekeeperGeneral Ser.30
Vasquez, Nora GabrielaSr. CustodianAirports29
Vaughn, HenryRefuse Coll. Truck Op.Public Works30
Vazquez, Alexander R.Civil EngineerPublic Works34
Verdejo, Susana G.Accounting ClerkHousing20
Vuong, Andy LuanDirector of SystemsLibrary31
Wagner-Mees, Drue AnneLibrarianLibrary23
Walters, Monica C.Sr. Manag. AnalystEco./Wrkfrc. Dev.33
Weeks, William P.Assistant Gen. Mgr.Personnel33
Weir, Laurie H.Programs ManagerHousing6
Whitson, Anthony M.Tire RepairerGeneral Ser.24
Whitmore, DonaldSupply ChainDWPN/D
Wicker, ClaudetteCustomer ServiceDWPN/D
N/D = not disclosed