Lifes Moments: Retirements Listing April 2024

Below is a listing of those who Retired from the City. To all we say, welcome to the best years!

We honor the people who have spent their working lives building, managing and imagining a better LA, and are now Retired. We thank and appreciate all you have done!

Note: If you wish to have a listing deleted from our online posting of Retirement notices, please email us at, stating the name and department of the Retired person. The request must come from the actual Retired person. We derive our lists from official public records provided by the City and LADWP.


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Abel, Darla D.Sr. Safety Eng. Elev.Bldg. & Safety22
Abraham, Shelly A.Motor Sweeper Op.Public Works23
Acevedo, MarioWater OperationsLADWP
Acevedo, SettaAccounting/FinancialLADWP
Acosta, Dabra J.Crossing GuardLADOT7
Aguilar, John L.Power Ext. EnergyLADWP
Aguilar, SalvadorEnviron Eng. AssociatePublic Works31
Allen, Robert J.PysicianPersonnel29
Allen, Sylvia W.Administrative ClerkAirports15
Anbessaw, Abebaw Z.Water OperationsLADWP
Anderson, Anson A.Pr. Detention OfficerLAPD35
Arend, Kurt L.EngineerHarbor35
Barber, Ulonda C.CustodianAirports22
Bell, Ronald L.Shift SupervisorPublic Works39
Browne, Jeffrey S.Solid Resource Supt.Public Works34
Bugarin, EddieWater DistributionLADWP
Burgess, Rick A.Power CMLADWP
Burman, JimSr. Civil EngineerPublic Works38
Carwile, Rita K.ITSLADWP
Chang, Chieh M.Equipment MechanicLAPD25
Chang, Rafael E.Power SupplyLADWP
Chavarria, JesusPower New BusinessLADWP
Chiu, Weibing H.AccountantHarbor34
Clark, Freneshia L.Compl. Program Mgr. IPublic Works36
Contin, Laura A.Sr. LibrarianLibrary37
Contreras, Roberto R.Special Prog. AssistantRec and Parks5
Danbury, Sonia J.Administrative ClerkAirports20
Davis, Brian W.Metering ServicesLADWP
Demoss, Timothy J.Environmental AffairsHarbor32
Edwards, Lisa L.Sr. CustodianGen. Services27
Figueroa, HildaCouncil AideCouncil11
Flores, Arthur M.Tree Surgeon Super.Rec and Parks34
Fratianne, Robert J.Exec. Asst. City Attor.City Attorney28
Frost, Wayne D.Power SupplyLADWP
Garcia, EdenAccountantFire/Police Pens.19
Gilligan, Kevin A.Assistant City AttorneyCity Attorney31
Glasco, Renee A.Legislative AnalystCouncil38
Hernandez, MaricelaSr. Project CoordinatorEc./Workforce Dev.32
Huang, Frieda H.Financial Mngmt. Spec.Controller32
Ingersoll, Timothy L.Energy DistributionLADWP
Jhaj, Pritpal SinghWastewater ManagerPublic Works36
Kemp, Darrell L.Signal Systems Elect.LADOT27
Kohls, Daniel J.Energy DistributionLADWP
Lavender, JovonneChief Mngmt. AnalystController35
Lee, EvelinePower System Eng.LADWP
Liaw, Tiffany MaDept. Chief AccountantFinance19
Lohr, Corazon G.Sr. Systems AnalystITA24
Mao, MichelleITSLADWP
Mariglia, RobertPower CMLADWP
McMorrow, Sean P.Fleet ServicesLADWP
Munis, Valerie L.Water OperationsLADWP
Nguyen, Cuong M.Systems ProgrammerITA33
Niemand, Johnny T.Power TransmissionLADWP
Okamoto, Chris L.AquaristRec and Parks32
Park, John H.Sr. Environmental Eng.Public Works34
Pasillas, Ramon P.Elevator MechanicGen.Services11
Perea, Jon W.Safety OfficerAirports10
Peters-Lawler, ChristineCouncil AideCouncil9
Portlock, L’tanya LjLegal SecretaryCity Attorney15
Pulciano, SylviaSr. Administrative ClerkRec and Parks34
Robinson, Terry A.Maintenance SupervisorAirports36
Robles, Jesse E.Tree SurgeonRec and Parks37
Roesner, Heinz D.Sr. Storekeep/Supply ChainPublic Works/LADWP
Salvador, Albert A.Structural Eng.Assoc.Bldg. & Safety10
Sanchez, Deborah L.Deputy City AttorneyCity Attorney18
Sanders, EmmittFloor FinisherRec and Parks19
Shin, JaySr. Admin. AnalystCAO30
Simpson, Michael A.Pr. Environ. EngineerPublic Works39
Smith, Bridget B.Assistant General Mgr.LADOT8
Smith, BryanCustodianAirports32
Solomon, Eskel H.Assistant City AttorneyCity Attorney32
Stanick, William K.Energy DistributionLADWP
Subia, Trina M.Administrative ClerkRec and Parks16
Tajerian, Ardem A.Sr. LibrarianLibrary29
Tarroja, Adorlita R.Management AnalystCAO22
Tatro, Scott M.Environmental ManagerAirports31
Thomas, George C.Metering ServicesLADWP
Thompson, Charyl D.Police Service RepLAPD29
Thompson, William J.Sr. Building InspectorBldg. & Safety20
Tootle, William K.Water DistributionLADWP
Torres, HenrySecurity OfficerAirports37
Trammell, ReverdiaAdministrative ClerkCultural Affairs15
Tung, Guang MinCivil EngineerBldg. & Safety23
Ulbrich, Kurt J.Sr. Park Srvcs. Attend.Rec and Parks27
Urrea, RobertShift SupervisorPublic Works35
Valenciano, Yvonne M.Child Care AssociateRec and Parks8
Vargas, Manuel R.Housing InspectorLAHD21
Wendt, BethBuild. Maint. Dist. Supv.Gen.Services17
Williams, Jeffrey A.Power TransmissionLADWP
Williams, Johnny L.Refuse Col. Truck Op.Public Works29
Yancy, Winifred J.Power New BusinessLADWP
Yoder, Kyle R.Wastewater ManagerPublic Works34
Zamacona, JoaquinFleet ServicesLADWP