Retiree Ken Wang pens technical book to pass knowledge along.

It’s In the Books

Ken Wang

When Ken Wang worked in Water Distribution Design at the DWP, “two Engineers with more than three decades of service retired at the same time,” Ken explains. “They took their knowledge with them.

“There were no manuals, and no one I could turn to,” he continues. “I was very frustrated. I made up my mind – someday I will write a book for people who want to learn legal descriptions, and the book will be presented in a logical way for easy learning.”

In retirement from Public Works, Ken has done just that. He wrote and self-published a book called “Legal Descriptions and Beyond.” He says the book is for property owners, surveyors, civil engineers, realtors, contractors, title officers, escrow officers, and right-of-way engineers and agents.

“I have accumulated four decades of knowledge. I realized that legal descriptions could be used to make money, so I incorporated the application of using this knowledge in my book.

“It’s for professionals. It’s a tool book.”

Ken hopes it will be useful for professionals in the field.

“You can learn to read and write legal descriptions in a very short time,” he says. “So when you see your Grant Deed you’ll understand the easement’s legal description, mineral rights in your property, etc.

“Also unique about this book is that each chapter stands on its own, so you can learn it and use it without having gone through the whole book.

“For those who want to know the correctness of the legal description they prepared, just use my retracement technique; instantly, you will find out it is correct or not. It’s a perfect book for self-study.”

The book is available at (link below). Or you can look in the Alive! classifieds online, where Ken is offering the book to Club Members at a discount.

“The application of knowledge can earn money; this is what makes learning legal descriptions exciting,” he concludes. “My slogan is, ‘Enrich your coffer with knowledge.’”

Find Ken’s book at Amazon:

Ken has posted a series of short videos on YouTube that complement the book. Here’s a list: