Retired Member drives 100 miles to get the shirts and hat he really wanted.

Oscar Alvarez, Retired, LADWP (third from left), with the #ClubMobile Team, from left: DeAngelo Thompson, Lupe Lira and Eddie Escalona.

Driving Force

As the #ClubMobile Team visited the LACAAEA (LA County Asian American Employees Association) fish fry and potluck event Sept. 21 in Hacienda Heights, they were paid a visit by Oscar Alvarez, Retired, LADWP, and Club Member. Oscar had read in Alive! that #ClubMobile would be visiting the event, and had driven from his home in the Moreno Valley to Hacienda Heights just to purchase the hats and shirts he really wanted. That’s about 100 miles round trip!

Oscar was very appreciative about #ClubMobile and his ability to buy the merchandise he needed! Members like Oscar are proud of their City service, and the Club is delighted to honor them with the chance to display that pride.

Great meeting you, Oscar!