Jim and Donna Booth stop by the Club Truck for Club merch.

Photo Booth

From left: ClubMobile staffer DeAngelo Thompson with Jim and Donna Booth. Jim Booth used his issue of Alive! to identify when and where he could purchase his official Club merchandise.

Jim and Donna Booth remember the date well – they circled it in November’s Alive! For that’s when they planned to stop by the Club Truck in Chatsworth.

“I live nearby, and I had no idea there was a City yard here,” Jim said. “I drove by it several times, and then we stopped and walked in.”

They stopped by the Club Mobile visit to the StreetsLA Yard in Chatsworth Dec. 7 to pick up a City shirt.

Jim retired from the LAPD (civilian) with 34 years of City service.

Great to meet you, Jim! Keep reading Alive! for the locations, and we’ll be happy to see you and Donna again next time!