Port Police Says Thanks

Dept. honors employees, community members for great service.

On May 30, the Los Angeles Port Police held its fourth annual awards ceremony honoring Port Police Officers, security officers, civilian employees, and community members. These awards are intended to publicly recognize acts that are selfless, heroic, or of extraordinary service to the agency and the community it serves.

The ceremony and breakfast event was held on the LA waterfront.

Those honored included:

  • Karla Mancilla, Civilian Employee of the Year;
  • Janet Karkanen, Civilian Distinguished Service;
  • Maria Corona Curry, Civilian Meritorious Service;
  • Kim Brooks-Mills, Security Officer Distinguished Service;
  • Yancie Orr, Security Officer Meritorious Award;
  • Officer Lloyd Star, Police Star;
  • George Matthews, Citizen Community Star;
  • Ollie Grays, Security Officer of the Year;
  • James Nua, Supervisor of the Year;
  • Officer William Price, Police Officer of the Year;
  • Officer Aldo Morales, Community Policing Award;
  • Officer Joseph Naso, Police Distinguished Service;
  • Victor Morales, Police Meritorious Service; and
  • Jack Chinchilla, Security Officer Meritorious Award.

Congratulations to the honorees, and thanks for your service.