Pepe Garcia, Assistant Director, retires from Sanitation after 35 years of City service.

Adios, Pepe

Joseph “Pepe” Garcia

A City Hall ceremony was held Jan. 27 for Jose “Pepe” Garcia, Assistant Director of the Solid Resources Operations, LA Sanitation and Environment.

Pepe retired with more than 35 years of City service.

“Your ideas and enthusiasm, your successes, and your focus on employee development will be always be appreciated and remembered,” the department said in a statement. “We wish you the very best in retirement!”

Pepe Garcia on the Alive! cover, November 2015, from left: Steve Reed; Exempt Maintenance Laborers Onei Chaul, Mark Melgar and Seasha Torres; Russell Zamora; and Jose “Pepe” Garcia.

Pepe began his career with LASAN as a Refuse Collection Truck Operator in the West Los Angeles Yard. He worked as a Crew Instructor, Supervisor in Safety and Training, Alternative Fuel Program, and Container Replacement, Superintendent at Customer Care and North Central and Solid Resources Manager at Clean Streets LA.

Most recently, Pepe was in charge of the Solid Resources Collection Division.

Congratulations, Pepe! Enjoy your much-deserved retirement.

Pepe received an official proclamation at his retirement event Jan. 26 at City Hall.