Park Ranger resident horse retires after 6 years of service.

Scout Retires

Rec and Parks announced that Park Ranger resident horse Scout retired after 6 years of City service.

Scout is a 19 year old Palomino Quarter Horse and has been with the Park Ranger Division since 2014. During the past six years, Scout participated in numerous public events and has regularly patrolled the trails of the LA City parks. Over the past year, Scout began to experience medical issues that prevented him from participating in the work required of a service animal.

“While we honor Scout’s service to the Department, we believe that discharging this aging horse from the burden of City service is the most responsible and humane course of action at this time,” said Chief Park Ranger Joe Losorelli.

“We recognize the stately presence Scout added to official events and ceremonies,” said Michael Shull, General Manager. “The Department would like to bestow upon Scout his rightful place of gratitude and honor within the annals of Recreation and Parks history.”

Scout has moved into his new home with experienced equestrians Dave and Diana Hoch. Diana is President of Equestrian Trails, Inc. Corral 38 at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. Dave is a veteran of the U.S. Army and plans to continue taking Scout on short rides in Griffith Park.

Thanks, Scout, for your service!