Alive! presents one of our most popular annual features – Mother’s Day messages from Club Members. Enjoy… and happy Mother’s Day!

“Proverbs 31:30: A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Happy Mother’s Day to three great moms – Vanessa Bustamante, Cecilia Orozco and Odalys Ramos.”

– Capt. Chris Bustamante, LAFD





“Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I love you!”

– Robert Walters, Personnel



“Happy Mother’s Day to the most wonderful and beautiful woman in our lives. Hope you enjoy your special day.
Love, your family.”

– Gabriel Leivas, DWP







“Happy Mother’s Day, Dez! Hope your day is special.
Enjoy your day!”

– Janet Torres Medina, Personnell



“Happy Mother’s Day to the most loving,
hard-working mother in the world.”

– Mariela Saldana, LA County



“For teaching me the love of food, style and community. Love you, Mom!”

– Monica Rodriguez, City Council



“Happy Mother’s Day to both my mom and sister, two of the best people on the planet. Love you both very much!”

– Larry Gates, LAPD





“Happy Mother’s Day, Mam, all the way over to Ireland.”

Dearbhla McNulty, Club Social Media Manager



“Mom, whenever I am missing you, I also remember how fortunate I was that you were in my life. I wouldn’t trade these moments for the world. Love ya.”

Priscilla Lopez, LAFD



“Thank you for being the glue that holds our family together. Love you.”

Samantha Ramirez, DMV, State of California



“Happy Mother’s Day to the two most important women in my life – my mother and my sister.”

Chermaine Fontenette, Public Works/Sanitation







“Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! What a year!”

John and Dearbhla



“To Kelley, the most awesome mother in the world! Vous serez pour toujours dans mon coeur et celui de nos enfants.

John Hawkins, Club CEO



“Happy Mother’s Day to Margarita from Personnel. Here she’s with her two sons, Esteban and Vincent.”

For Margarita Guevara, Personnel


“She is my true backbone. She’s a God-fearing woman who never stops praying for me and over me. This is my super woman.”

For Linda Martin, Public Works/Sanitation







“Happy Mother’s Day!”

Pablo Serrano, Public Works/Sanitation



“You have always been there for me! You are a wonderful mother! I am proud to be called your daughter. I love you, Mom, very much. Happy Mother’s Day!”

Charity Painter, State of California



“Mom, every day should be Mother’s Day! You taught all seven of your children to do the best they can, no matter what the job or status, and to treat people just as we would want to be treated. Thank you, Mom; you are my hero!”

John Hawkins, President and CEO of the Club



“Leslie, Happy Mother’s Day to the woman and mother that I love that raised our three daughters – Alayna, Christine and Hannah!”

Rolf Parkes, Personnel







“Thanks for all your unconditional love. I pray every day to God to let you stay with us longer. Happy Mother’s Day.”

Maria Chitay, LA County



“Thank God for my mam, a special creature. I love her very much. The love she gave to me, I will keep it forever. Happy Mother’s Day, Mam.”

Hector Garcia, DWP



“Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful daughter-in-law, Mona! God gave us the gift of you. You are such a caring, loving woman who makes everyone smile!”

Janet Torres Medina, Personnel



“Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing, supportive and loving mother.”

Marianne Angeles, Retired, Housing







“I love my mom the same today as I did when she was younger, and forever more. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.”

Sarah Richardson, LAPD



“Happy Mother’s Day!”

Robert Larios, Club COO



“Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom ever!”

Eduardo Hernandez, Rec and Parks



“To the best mother in the world, I love you so much. Thank you for your love and unconditional support. Happy Mother’s Day!”

Citlali Bon, Club staff





“Happy Mother’s Day and birthday to my grandmother, who will be 99 years young in May!”

Arlene Herrero, Club Vice President of Business Development



“To Momma Beverley:
One of a kind, always been mine, Momma. Love, Monique.”

Lt. Monique Williams, State of California



“Happy Mother’s Day! Without you we are nothing. Thank you for the love.”

Corleto Manuel, Building and Safety



“To the love of my life – thanks for being the best mother to our kids, and thank you for being so supportive. Happy Mother’s Day.”

Officer III Miguel Lozano, Airport Police







“First Mother’s Day without you. Love you, Mom.”

Jose Gaxiola, General Services



“Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Thank you for all you do for us. We love you.”

Josh Granados, Public Works/Sanitation



“Happy Mother’s Day to these amazing women. To my mom – you’re the best!; to my daughter, whom I love to the moon and back; to my sister, whom I adore: love you guys!”

Michelle Lowery, General Services



“Happy Mother’s Day, Momma! We love and appreciate you very much. Enjoy your day!”

Antonio Byrd, General Services







“You have been the greatest supporter of my dreams and goals all my life. I love you. Happy Mother’s Day.”

Jansen Hodge, LAFD



“Wishing you the best Mother’s Day ever. Love you, Mom!”

Sonia Solis, Transportation



“Mom, you are the queen of my heart! Happy Mother’s Day. I’ll love you forever and a day, Ms. Wanda Lemon.
Love, Melissa. #LemonTree”

Melissa Morales, Public Works



“Keep living your best life!”

Devin Jones, DWP





“Feliz Dia de Las Madres, Hortensia. ¡Te queremos mucho!”

– Sonia Solis, Transportation



“Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Love you and miss you! Can’t wait to see you in July. Hope you have a wonderful day! I love you. Hugs and kisses.”

Cassie Verduzco, State of California/Corrections



“Mama, we love you!”

Briseida Perez-Gomez, LA County



“Momma Bear, I am here because of you. You make everything taste better without trying. I love you!”

Theresa Brooks, State of California/Public Health









“Her teachings are filled with wisdom and kindness, as loving instruction pours from her lips. You are a blessing in all of our lives.”

– Jessica Rodriguez, City Attorney’s Office



“To my loving mother, I love you so much. I thank God for a special woman like you.”

Shante Garner, State of California/Corrections



“I love my mom soooooo much.”

Valarie Rayford, LA County



“Happy Mother’s Day! We love and appreciate all that you do for our family.”

Monique Salas, LA County/Health Services





“Happy Mother’s Day from Madelyn and Daddy. We love you.”

Martin Lopez



“I just want to thank you for always being the best and doing the best for my siblings and me. I love you!”

Jashauna Scott, Finance



“Otti, moms are a source of honor, goodness and loveliness. Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mother-in-law. From Jess, Bob and kiddos.”

– Jessica Rodriguez, City Attorney’s Office



“Happy Mother’s Day! Right from the start, you were the one who nurtured us, prayed over us, worried about us and guided us. Thank you, and we love you.”

Irish Bambao, Retired, DWP





“To my sweet mom on Mother’s Day – I want to thank you so much for always being there for me and giving me the courage to move on in life. I love you!”

Rosielyn Salermo, State of California


“Happy Mother’s Day. I’m glad your dream came true. Love you, Mom.”

Det. II Sharen Stallworth, LAPD



“Happy Mother’s Day to the world’s best mother! I am truly blessed to be called your daughter. I love you with all my heart.”

Diane Richmond, Harbor/Port Police



“Happy Mother’s Day! I love you! ¡Feliz Dia de Las Madres! (¡Te quiero mucho!)”

Laura Juarez, Rec and Parks





“I love you, Mom!”

Iliana Carranza, LA County



“A 1958 photo of my mom and family in China. My mom, a little teenager standing on the right, was with her parents, grandma and three sisters. Time flies.”

Peter Wei, DWP



“Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. You’re still my inspiration. I love you so much, and thank God you’re still here with us.”

Patricia Eskridge, Retired, LAPD



“Happy times and bad times, you’ve been strong throughout it all! We love you!”

Lupe Andrea Garcia, DWP





“Mami, para mi eres la mejor madre del universo. Gracias por queremos tanto a mi, Yoli y Jessiel, como nosotros te queremos. I love you.”

– Jessica Rios, State of California/DMV



“Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I am so blessed to have a wonderful mom as you! Have a great day, and I love you so much.”

Nicole Porras, State of California/Corrections



“Happy Mother’s Day, Ashley! You are an incredible mother to our children, and every year that passes you only become more amazing. God bless you!”

– Luis Mora, Mayor’s Office



“Enjoying loved ones on Mother’s Day, 2019. Best wishes to all mothers on this special day!”

Firefighter/Paramedic Bernadette Pelletier, Retired, LAFD





“One word to describe you, Mom, is ‘unconditional!.’ I love you very much!”

Lady Jane Briones, State of California/DMV



“My mother (Lucille Hunter) and me on my fourth birthday. I miss you so much. Happy Mother’s Day.”

Rose Lee, State of California/DMV



“Happy Mother’s Day to my love, Juanita Rojas.”

For Juanita Rojas, Library, LA County



“Feliz Dia de Las Madres! Gracias por cuidar a mi niño meintras yo trabajo. Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for caring for my boy while I’m at work. Love U.”

Brissia Loque, State of California/DMV







“To the most amazing Mamabear ever!”

Officer Kevin Ishida, LAPD



“Happy Mother’s Day.
Thank you for everything you do for us.”

Rachel Gilbert, General Services



“‘Mothers and daughters are closest when
daughters become mothers.’ – Author unknown

– Chandra Jackson, Library



“Mama is a great mom, grandmother and great-grandmother.”

Debora Fore, Retired, DWP





“Norma, we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!
From Mandy, Sarah, Sophie and Alfred.”

Alfred Rocha, LAFD



“I love you forever, Mama! Thanks for teaching me to believe and to have faith in God. Happy Mother’s Day!”

Victoria Reodica, Airports



“Con todo mi amor para el amor mas puro que diosito me a prestado.”

Telmis Caceres, LA County/HR 



“A la mujer mas fuerte que conozco, la que me ha levantado cuando he caido. Gracias, Madre! Feliz dia.”

Lourdes Coronado, LAPD