Happy Mother’s Day 2024

Alive! presents one of our most popular annual features – Mother’s Day messages with pictures from Club Members. Enjoy… and happy Mother’s Day!

“Happy Mother’s Day to my Queen, Esther. Thank you for your guidance, wisdom and your prayers. I love you, Mom.”

Lisa Edwards, Retired, General Services





“Happy Mother’s Day, Linda! Thank you for all you do for our family. You are a blessing to all who meet you. Love always, Charlie.”

– Charles Garcia, Retired, Public Works/Sanitation and Environment




“Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful and incredible wife, Ronda Murray. You are our family’s rock. I couldn’t imagine my world without you.”

– Vincent Murray, Airports






“You’re my one and only mom, and I’ll always have a special place
in my heart for you. Happy Mother’s Day! Eres mi única madre y siempre tendré un lugar especial en mi corazón para ti. ¡Feliz día
de la madre!” 

– Robert Larios, Club CEO
(pictured: Robert’s mom and dad)



“Happy Mother’s Day to a beautiful lady.”

Chermaine Fontenette, Public Works/Sanitation and Environment







“Happy Mother’s Day. Embrace mom, embrace the bond.”

Starla Echols, Retired, LA County



“Gracias por siempre apoyarme! Te amo, I love you, Mom.”

– Rosa Apodaca, Mayor’s Office





“Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Your first one as a grandmother. Reyna and I love you. Thank you for all you do!”

Candace Velasco, LADWP



“This will be my first Mother’s Day without my beautiful mom, Susan Janes. I love you and miss you, Mom. You’re in my heart forever.”

Linda Israelson, Library



“To the head of our fifth-generation Californian family: We love you, Good Time Sally!”

Susie Davenport, Civil Rights, State of California



“To the world you may be one person, but to me, you are my world. I love you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.”

Officer Rose San Martin, Airports







“Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful and amazing mom, Marlene Brice. We are so blessed to have just celebrated your 90th birthday. We love you.”

Chauntel Martin, Building and Safety



“Happy Mother’s Day to the best mother and grandmother in the world!”

Capt. II Chris Bustamante, LAFD



“Mom, every day should be Mother’s Day! You taught all seven of your children to do the best they can, no matter what the job or status, and to treat people just as we would want to be treated. Thank you, Mom; you are my hero!”

– John Hawkins, Club Founder and Training Officer







“Happy Mother’s Day to this wonderful mom who brings joy to her family.”

Thomas Hernandez, Public Works



“Happy Mother’s Day to the world’s greatest mom. You’re the best.
I love lucy!”

Taneshia Burrell, Public Works



“Happy Heavenly Mother’s Day, Mom (Rafaela Trinidad)! Thank you for all the love, lessons and happy memories! We all love and miss you.”

Rachel Griffin, Retired, Convention Center



“Mom, even though your Alzheimer’s is progressing and you can’t remember much about me, you always hold my hand and have a smile for me. Love you!”

John Otoshi, Retired, LADWP



“I’m so blessed and grateful that God chose you to be my mother. (With Eric Gallegos, former Student Worker, Harbor, and Gramma/Mom.)”

Leonard Gallegos, Retired, Harbor



“Alexandrea and Lainey.”

– Michael Saucedo, General Services







“Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful mother. Our first Mother’s Day together as mothers, and you a new grandma. We would not have made it without you.”

– Jessica Lee, Public Works



“Happy blessed Mother’s Day, Mija – Ruth Roehm. Love you forever, Mom.”

– Noemi Garcia, Retired, LAPD



“My mother is my inspiration, my strength and purpose. She is my world, my rock and I only wish to honor her today, tomorrow and forever. Love you mucho!”

– Matthew Schuler, Airports



“Our mom impressed upon us the wonders of excellence! She is
quite a beauty, and super-brainy. She is kind to everyone
she meets!”

– Cassie Jones, State of California/CAL Recycle





“To the best mothers in the world. You are truly the best.”

Lorenzo Sandoval, LA County/Probation