Map legend Glen Creason, Librarian III, retires after 42 years of City service

Photos by Summy Lam, Club Director of Marketing

Library legend Glen Creason retired from the City Oct. 15 after 42 years of City service.

“I’ve been here for eight presidents, five mayors, many numbers of Microsoft Windows, three Dodgers World Championships, 11 Laker crowns, subways, a spectacular Olympics, a book and the birth of a wonderful daughter.”

And on top of all that – he just happened to build the Los Angeles Public Library’s map section into one of the country’s biggest and best. Library legend Glen Creason, one of the most public and popular Librarians through media engagements, blogs, talks and presentations, retired from the City Oct. 15. He retires with 42 years of City service.

“Those who trained me back in 1979 were schooled by women and a few men who earned their stripes in the 1940s,” he wrote in his farewell blog on the LAPL Website. “Those folks probably marveled at tales of opening the new building in 1926. I am very proud to be part of the red thread that runs through almost a century and a half. Yet, it is time to dim the lights in the rotunda, to close the great iron doors on Fifth Street, and leave tomorrow to another lucky soul. Someone will take my place and hopefully will hear good things about me. Only my peers will tell the true story but I hope they can say I was fun to work with, just that will be fine with me.”

To read Glen’s entire blog post, go to:

Congratulations on a great City career, Glen, for helping build the Los Angeles Public Library to being a worldwide leader; and for giving us a memorable cover story in Alive! in February 2016. Grab a map and navigate your way to a meaningful retirement.