Lisa Mowery, Sanitation CFO, is honored as she retires after 30 years of City service.

Lisa B. Mowery

Lisa B. Mowery, CFO, Public Works/Sanitation and Environment, was named one of of the “Women Engineers You Should Know” by the Magazine of the Society of Women Engineers.

The title came after the magazine polled its readers, focusing on women engineers who may not be household names yet are influencing their disciplines, workplaces and beyond. “These women are multidimensional; they are engineers as well as daughters, sisters, friends and, in many cases, wives and mothers.”

Lisa was one of 15 named.

Just after that, on April 23, Lisa retired from the City with 30 years of service.

Civil Engineer Lisa B. Mowery, P.E., was Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Public Works/Sanitation and Environment, which provides solid resources, storm water and wastewater services to more than four million people. In this role, she managed LASAN’s financial programs that total more than $1.1 billion in annual revenues.

Mowery has been involved in issuing more than $4 billion in bonds for the City’s wastewater program. She specialized in rate setting and led an effort that resulted in the adoption of sustainable wastewater fees for a 10-year period to support the City’s wastewater system. The system comprises four water reclamation plants; 6,700 miles of sewers; and 44 pumping stations.

She also oversaw LASAN’s administration programs and all human resources services covering 3,500-plus employees.

Prior to becoming CFO, Mowery served as a project manager and environmental compliance specialist. She managed several public works infrastructure projects and devised solutions for complex environmental challenges.

Mowery holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Purdue University in Indiana. Known as an inspiring mentor and speaker, Mowery created a professional and social networking group for women engineers and public servants called the Public Employees Registered Female Engineer Conversation and Tea Society, or “PERFECTS.” The group encourages and espouses the achievements of women in engineering professions.

Congratulations, Lisa, and enjoy your retirement!