Life’s Important Moments: Dec. 2018

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Felicia Lay
graduated from Paul Merage School of Business at UC Irvine. She is attending graduate school at USC this fall. She’s the daughter of Albert Lay, Club Member products supplier.


Alive! In the Military

Rick C. Thorstensen, General Services, has been serving in the Middle East since Dec. 29, 2017.

“I hope to be home by Thanksgiving.”




In Memoriam

Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of the following current and retired City employees who have passed away. The number after the name indicates years of service.

Active (years of service)
Acosta, Gabriel Transportation 14
Banas, Stephen Harbor 11
Cates, Michael Public Works 34
Covington, Jennifer L. Airports 29
Gray, Darwin DWP 15
Lopez, Maria Rec and Parks 16
Orozco, Carlos LAFD 3 mo.

Retired (years of service)
Babel, Linda LAPD 34
Bakey, Frances Council 38
Beers, Jinx DWP 13
Blow, William Public Works 27
Blyth, Robert Harbor 34
Bozart, Ernest Public Works 40
Brown, Juanita LAPD 27
Carrasco, Allen DWP 35
Clayton, Geraldine Fire/Police Pens. 20
Cook, Earline Transportation 4
Curtis, Roger Public Works 39
Davis, Gerald DWP 37
De La Cerda, Adolph DWP 34
Drazich, Mike Rec and Parks 14
Ebro, Romanita General Services 30
Eshom, Ralph DWP 31
Fernandez, Nancy Cultural Affairs 33
Galvan, Henry Rec and Parks 31
Gonzalez, Albert DWP 31
Gordon, Roy ITA 25
Gray, Houston Airports 22
Grindle, Gary DWP 28
Hughes, Joe Bldg. & Safety 34
Kataoka, Saburo Public Works 5
Marcotte, Eleanor ITA 26
Mensey, Robert Public Works 27
Merced, Frances Finance 28
Nakada, James General Services 35
Nelson, Constance ITA 31
Nottingham, Bernard Public Works 16
Ong, Henry Public Works 25
Owens, David Public Works 21
Price, Donald DWP 20
Priester, William DWP 36
Prinselaar, Dick ITA 15
Pyros, Roy DWP 34
Ree, Donald DWP 38
Reid, David DWP 28
Rodriguez, Gloria DWP 30
Rodriguez, Louis Rec and Parks 34
Roldan, Sederio Planning 28
Rudolph, Horace DWP 28
Ruzek, Janet DWP 28
Schwartz, Bertha LACERS 20
Smith, Glenn DWP 35
Spielgelman, Joseph Library 28
Steinberg, Howard Controller 35
Stewart, Roger Harbor 32
Taylor, Hubert Rec and Parks 25
Thompson, John Zoo 32
Tomboc, Sally Harbor 29
Van Alstine, Fransetta Bldg. & Safety 29
Vicuna, Daniel Public Works 31
Virgil, William Public Works 31
Wisner, William General Services 22
Wood, Forrest DWP 31
Woods, Willie Rec and Parks 28