Laura Triner, 59, Passes Away

Laura Lynn Triner

Civilian Personnel executive dies unexpectedly.

LAFD personnel were in attendance and watching online at the funeral of Laura Lynn Triner, Sr. Personnel Analyst, LAFD, their colleague who served the City for 28 years.

Laura died unexpectedly on Christmas Eve. She is survived by her husband of 33 years, Doug Shultz; her father, Robert Triner; and her sister, Debbie House.

Laura Triner was an instrumental part of our LAFD team,” said LAFD Chief Kristin Crowley. “She was a joy to work with, and we grieve her loss. Please keep her family in your thoughts.”

According to her obituary, she started work with the City doing research for Personnel. She continued to gain other skills as she grew in her career, culminating in management of a team for the LAFD’s Personnel Services Section. Her friends and coworkers describe Laura as a calm, kind, down-to-earth, genuine person who was easy to get along with and work with. She was an extremely capable and knowledgeable employee and manager.

The Club mourns Laura’s loss and sends its condolences to Laura’s family, friends and numerous work colleagues.