Four command-staff Officers retire in one week.

LAPD Retirements

Story and photos courtesy LAPD Twitter feeds.

Between June 24 and June 29, four LAPD Officers in leadership positions retired. They were given retirement events by their co-workers.

The four are: Dep. Chief Vito Palazzolo, Det. III Supervisor Lyle Barnes, Sgt. II George, Lt. Dino Duran Hoopes

Dep. Chief Vito Palazzolo

Deputy Chief Vito Palazzolo retired June 24 after 31 years of City service. As a Commander, he had worked as a Diplomatic Liaison Officer and worked with all the Consul Generals and Consulate staff.

During his last week, Dep. Chief Palazzolo worked patrol together with his son in the Southeast Area. “He is a great leader, friend and classmate from the Academy,” said Commander Rafael Ramirez. “Wish you a long and healthy retirement!”

Sgt. II George Hoopes

Sgt. II George Hoopes

Sgt. II George Hoopes retired June 25 after 32 years of City service. He had been a Supervisor for more than 25 years and mentored, guided and inspired hundreds of Officers during that time. “Sgt. Hoopes is an exceptional leader who always expected the best from all the Officers who worked for him,” wrote Capt. Alex Vargas. “He spent the last eight years transforming the DOC [Dept. Operations Center] to a dynamic information hub for department activations. Sgt. Hoopes, congratulations on your retirement. You will be sorely missed.”

Det. III Supervisor Lyle Barnes

Det. III Supervisor Lyle Barnes and Capt. III Lillian Carranza.

Det. III Supervisor Lyle Barnes retired June 29. “Congratulations on your retirement, Det. III Supervisor Lyle Barnes,” wrote Capt. III Lillian Carranza. “Thank you for more than three decades of dedicated service to Los Angeles. Wishing you a healthy, happy and long retirement”

Lt. Dino Duran

At Lt. Duran’s retirement party. He’s in red.

Lt. Dino Duran retired June 29 after 31 years of City service and three tours in Metro Division.