LAPD Records Party

Records, Identification holds holiday luncheon.

Story by Arlene Herrero, Vice President of Business Development
Photos by Dylan Herrero

The event committee, from left: J. Trinidad, SMA, 16 years of City service, Club Member; Loanne Truong, Sr. MA, 22 years; Elena Asucan, Police Administrator, 36 years; Lourdes Popper, SAC, 19 years, Club Member; Juanita Gonzalez, Office Service Assistant, 11 months, Club Member; and Jennifer Marroquin, Secretary, 16 years. Back: Tammi Crayon, PCP I, 16 years

The Police Dept.’s Records and Identification bureau held its holiday luncheon Dec. 8 at XLanes bowling alley near Little Tokyo.

The invitation from Elena Asucan, Police Administrator, read, “Spend time with loved ones and family and take time for yourself.”

The afternoon provided plenty of food, fun and camaraderie.