LACERS honors its best employees.

Guiding Principles Awards

On August 20, LACERS held its sixth annual Guiding Principles event to award employees who best represent the principle categories of Professionalism, Innovation, Respect, Kindness and Caring, and Teamwork. Employees who were voted and selected by their peers for the honor went up on stage to receive their trophy. What a way to congratulate and acknowledge those employees who work hard every day and make sure those they are serving are treated with respect and professionalism.

The event, which carried a Western theme, was held in the Chandler Auditorium of the Los Angeles Times building downtown.

Hosts acknowledged all those nominated for each award and then the awardee.

The Club thanks Neil Guglielmo, General Manager, Club Member, and the LACERS staff for their assistance.


Employee of the Year

Patricia Gonzalez

Other Nominees:
Ana Ghoukassian
Ricky Mulawin
Wilkin Ly


Chris Yip
Joann Peralta
Tenah Johnson-Taylor
Gabriel Perez

Other Nominees:
Ani Ghoukassian
Ann Seales
Charlena Freeman
Brian Cha
Tiffany Obembe
Bryan Fujita


Ani Ghoukassian
Patricia Gonzalez
Christopherson Ilano
Cliff Lim

Other Nominees:
Lady Smith

Glen Malabuyoc
Tiffany Obembe
Michael Clayton


Member Service Center:
• Audrey Dymally
• Charnaya Blackburn
• Dominique Brewer
• Flanzie Thomas
• Gabriel Perez
• Heather Ramirez
• Jennifer Romero
• Jesus Navarro
• Nelli Koshkaryan
• Sandra Ford-James
• Taneda Larios
• Tiffany Obembe
• Wendy Johnson
• Amoree Aguilar
• Katrina Flores

Other Nominees:
V3 Systems Operations
Support Unit
Guiding Principle Committee
Office Hours Change
Working Group
Management and Office
Services Section
115 Trust Team
Investment Team
Survivor Benefits Unit
Pension Administration
System Project Team
Website Redesign Team
Human Resources Unit


Community Garden Team

Other Nominees:
Systems Help Desk
Chris Yip
Chris Llano
Jason Leung
Laurie Tran
Alex Virtual Assistant
Fiscal Databases
System Help Desk
Member Service Center

Kindness and Caring

Lucy Artinian

Other Nominees:
Fon Leidig

Jamie Roberts
Nancy Mirano
Lady Smith
Aleli Capati
Ani Ghoukassian
Barbara Sandoval
Betty Smith
Aurora Binder
Tiffany Obembe
Patricia Gonzalez
Maria Salamanca–Martinez
Virginia Lopez


Congratulations to all the awardees, and all employees who uphold
LACERS’ highest ideals.