John’s Picture Perfect Contest: April 2021

John Hawkins

by John Hawkins, Club CEO

How to enter:

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“The picture was taken in my home. The name of the dog is Daisy. Daisy likes to rest on a lunch chair.”

– Javad Keshavarz, DWP

John’s comment: I love the simplicity and clean lines of this photo of Daisy, Javad. And the green chair, a fresh, bright color block against Daisy’s fur, is perfect for a chill effect. Thanks for submitting!

“Finding comfort after the hospital visit – Marble and Rocket.”

– Maria Cervantes, LAPD

John’s comment: This is a classic, Maria – the black and white really shows off the texture of their fur, and their positioning really looks like the comfort is intentional. I’m betting that it was. Nice moment!

“Our dog, Cali, always liked to crawl into the ferns out front and discretely watch people come and go.”

– Andrew Redfield, Animal Services

John’s comment: I’m not sure what Cali was hiding from back there, or what the shenanigans were. She’s up to something! But it feels like she’s really part of nature. And I love the burst of color.

“Kylo is three years old and a male cardigan Welsh corgi mix. He got his name from the Star Wars franchise. Our aunt and uncle came over to visit. Kylo was more interested in the food.”

– Ross Fink, DWP

John’s comment: Aren’t they always, Ross. Kylo’s face is one of the smallest things in the photo, but once you see it, you cannot not see it. Just like in real life, when a dog begs, it’s impossible not to see it. You captured that truth perfectly.

“Fortunately I thoroughly checked the washing machine before hitting the start button.”

– Yves Didier, Airport Police

John’s comment: Having a cat hiding in the washing machine might be pain on laundry day, but the washer provides a perfect framing device for a photo. If you would’ve framed it from directly in front, it wouldn’t be half as good. Well done!

“Isabela and Leorey. My seven-year-old boy named the male pigeon after him. Leorey and Isabela now have a baby pigeon. That makes me a grandma pigeon now.”

– Christine Isidro, LAFD

John’s comment: I love the way these two pigeons look set against the textured white background. It makes for a much cleaner image, and it pulled in my interest. Well done!



Note to readers: This month, we received many submissions of your adorable pets. As the photo contest is about photo artistry, I chose the winners on that basis. But there’s no way I could end it there. Here are all the other submissions. Thank you for sending yours in; they’re all paw-some. Please submit in the future! – John H.

“I sit down in my living room, trying to eat, and here comes the land pug sharks! They have just eaten, of course … does that matter? Absolutely not!”

– George Ortega, Retired, Airports

“This is Otis, my two-year-old grand-dog. Born crippled, he walks primarily on his hind legs or uses his front paws as a sled as he pushes himself across the sand in Hawaii, his home. My daughter adopted him. He has been the best dog.”

– Firefighter/Paramedic John Hicks, Retired, LAFD

“These are the gossip girls. It was taken at our home. It’s our dogs in their costumes. Since they’re sisters, they like to gossip with each other about the neighborhood dogs.”

– Eduardo Hernandez, Rec and Parks

“True wisdom can be found in cats.”

– Yves Dider, Airport Police

“This is Katie, all four pounds of her. All Pomeranian. She is our princess but thinks she is queen.”

– John Nance, Retired, DWP

“My furbaby Gizmo posing with his new bowtie. Such a ham-some brat.”

– Sophia Ponce de Leon, LAPD

“I was about to settle in for a nap before work. I walked into my room and saw my furbaby kicking it. It was so funny and cute.”

– Sophia Ponce de Leon, LAPD

“Emma just hanging out with the family during quarantine 2021.”

– Jesus Miranda, Public Works/Sanitation

“This is my baby, Hunter, after coming home from the vet all sedated! Poor thing!”

– Jill Weiszmann, Retired Club Member

“This is Romy, my most loyal dog ever. A once-in-a-lifetime best friend. The halo around his face says it all.”

– John Nance, Retired, DWP

“This is my 12-year-old English bulldog Daisy that I adopted at the East Valley Animal Shelter in 2009 when she was about six months old. Daisy enjoys lounging on her bed outside when it is nice and warm.”

– Javier Lopez, Animal Services

“We just got a new puppy named Ollie, and he’s full of energy. Here’s my son, Andrew, with Ollie, full of smiles.”

– Stephanie Burkhart, LAPD/Communications

“Considering the time of year, here is our dog, Cali, on St. Patrick’s Day with us at home. This day also happens to be our wedding anniversary, and we were always happy to have her celebrate with us. We are going to miss celebrating with her this year.”

– Andrew Redfield, Animal Services

“MawMaw – a mysterious gray cat who picked me up as his human. He is very affectionate and loves to shake hands.”

– Constance Chang, Public Works/Sanitation

“This is our dog, Nova. She loves loves loves the sand. She is the happiest on the beach when she can stick her face in the sand.”

– Megan Young, Library

“This is our gecko, Rex. She likes to come out of her hiding places and pose for us.”

– Megan Young, Library

“Helping mom clean up?”

– Les Peacock, Harbor


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