John’s Picture Perfect Contest: Dec. 2022

John Hawkins

by John Hawkins, Association CEO

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Theme: Holiday

“Taken during one of our trips in the Art Museum in the Philippines. The kids really enjoyed all the 3-D art, and we’ll definitely go back!”

– Christine Isidro, LAFD

John’s comment: What an awesome photo, Christine! Sure, Santa and the snow globe might have been “givens,” but the expression on the kids’ faces, and their pose are not – they were well directed by you, I presume. A classic!

“Christmastime in Big Bear, Calif.”

– Officer Roberto Morales, LAPD

John’s comment: I can hear the clip-clop of the hooves from just looking at this photo, Roberto. It couldn’t be more different from the tropical images that also won this month, but that’s what makes California so magical, especially at this time of year. With a little more light on the horses, this could be a Christmas card image. Thanks for submitting!

“I know what you’re thinking: Holidays = pumpkin pie, eggnog and evenings in front of the fireplace. But not so fast, little grasshopper! After all, on Southern California’s beaches, things may just look and feel a little different – no matter whether it’s Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas. Now pass me that eggnog.”

– Yves Didier, Airport Police

John’s comment: Don’t all those surfers know that they need to get home before Santa visits? I guess, with a setting as relaxing as this, Santa might just have to wait … or join in! This is a holiday scene for thousands of people in Southern California. Thanks for submitting!

“My daughters and their favorite Bud on Christmas Eve spirit.”

– Manuel Flores Hernandez, LAPD

John’s comment: I love this photo, Manuel! This proves that Christmas is about family more than anything. And the composition – with the daughters and Bud forming a tree-shape to mirror the actual tree – creates perfect symmetry. Thanks for submitting!

“Aloha! The holidays are coming, and this is the best time to unwind by traveling and seeing the beautiful places like going to Hawaii. I love to spend time with my family and experience the exotic culture of the Hawaiian tribe.”

– James Corleto Manuel, Building and Safety

John’s comment: While your photo doesn’t include all the normal signs of the Holidays, I sighed when I opened it just the same. And that says exactly what you were after, I think. It also helps that the photo was taken at exactly the right time of day, and the compass direction, lighting, clarity and gentle motion are all perfect, too. Well done!

“Christmas at the Music Center!”

– Carlos Aranda, LADWP

John’s comment: Christmas at the Music Center (especially Christmas Eve) is an LA classic, Carlos, and you’ve captured it with an image that many might walk right past on their way in to see the Nutcracker or hear the choirs. The art at the Music Center is more than just in its performances, it’s in the architecture and exterior design, too. This perfectly framed image captures the season in a more thoughtful, simple and deep way. Great eye, Carlos, and thanks for sending!

Picture Perfect Contest Rules

  • Please submit the full, original digital file (up to 3 megs file size).
  • The contest is open to all Club members in good standing. Non-members are welcome to submit, but only Club members are eligible to win the monthly prize.
  • Photos can be of any subject matter: vacation, portraits, families, landscapes, still lifes, pets, etc. Subject matter must be appropriate for Alive!
  • If your photograph does not win, you are welcome to re-submit.
  • Winners are chosen by Club staff. All decisions will be final.
  • You must certify (if asked) that you indeed took the picture. No ringers!
  • The contest is all in good fun: The Club cannot be responsible for delays in delivering Alive!, or for delays in the transmission of responses.