John’s Picture Perfect Contest: February 2020

John Hawkins, Club CEO

by John Hawkins, Club CEO

How to enter:

Do you love to take pictures? Submit your photos to the Picture Perfect contest. Once a month, the best pics are selected for publication. If your photo is published, you’ll receive a $25 Amazon e-Gift Card!  ENTER PICTURE PERFECT CONTEST

See Contest Rules below the pictures.

“The West Catalina Channel. These are the unaltered colors! No Photoshop. It was awesome! The winter sunsets, to me, are the best.”

– John Nance, Retired, DWP

John’s comment: John, you wrote in the subject line of your email, “The best sunset of the year.” Here at Picture Perfect, we like sunsets. This beautiful shot is an early contender! Nice job!

“This could be a screensaver. Others may regard it as a study in symmetry, or — depending on how you look at it — the lack thereof. It’s regular and imbalanced at the same time. However you want to describe it, I had a hard time looking away from this sea of moss-covered rocks in the immediate vicinity of Burney Falls near Shasta in Northern California. Over there, cool moisture provides a perfect breeding ground for this green spectacle that always appears slightly different depending on the viewer’s angle and the changing light that is gently filtering through the neighboring trees. If you’re not in a hurry, it’s a truly mesmerizing experience.” 

– Yves Didier, Airport Police

John’s comment: Yves, you pretty much said it all there. Except – you turn in aerial photos, travelogue photos, animal photos, and now nature photos … and they’re all awesome. I love your talent!

“I went for a bike ride today on the L.A. River bike path and caught this picture of the new pedestrian and equestrian bridge by Crystal Springs in Griffith Park.”

– Karl Guder, Retired, General Services

John’s comment: Sometimes we have strong subject matter right in our own backyard, and designed and built by our own City Employees (and most likely Club Members). Nice job hiding the glaring sunlight behind a thin obstruction – that creates a cool glow, a dramatic corona sunburst, and a well-lit subject. (I’ve used that technique before.) Thanks for submitting, Karl.

“Sunset in Boracay Island, Philippines. Boracay is a small island known for its fine pure white sands and a place to see the beautiful sunset.”

– Corleto Manuel, Building and Safety

John’s comment: Mystical … exotic … fantastic mood photo, Corleto! Tone is often the hardest to achieve, and you did.

“Some folks celebrate the New Year Countdown with champagne and biscuits. For some other folks: A quaint gathering with friends and family that involves good food, small chit-chat and some (competitive) games.”

– Dominique Daito

John’s comment: Dominique, you have a great way of capturing people in moments that are real, and never staged. That’s hard to do, but you have it down. Great to see you contributing again; send in some information about what’s going on in this photo!

“What a beautiful river near Big Sur!”

– Renee Ramirez, Public Works

John’s comment: Renee, I can hear this brook and it burbles by. This might be a photo, but it feels as if I’m actually there. You captured this scene from a perfect angle. Beautiful spot, nice photo. Thanks for submitting!


  • Please submit the full, original digital file (up to 3 megs file size).
  • The contest is open to all Club members in good standing. Non-members are welcome to submit, but only Club members are eligible to win the monthly prize.
  • Photos can be of any subject matter: vacation, portraits, families, landscapes, still lifes, pets, etc. Subject matter must be appropriate for Alive!
  • If your photograph does not win, you are welcome to re-submit.
  • Winners are chosen by Club staff. All decisions will be final.
  • You must certify (if asked) that you indeed took the picture. No ringers!
  • The contest is all in good fun: The Club cannot be responsible for delays in delivering Alive!, or for delays in the transmission of responses.