John’s Picture Perfect Contest: October 2019

John Hawkins, Club CEO

by John Hawkins, Club CEO

How to enter:

Do you love to take pictures? Submit your photos to the Picture Perfect contest. Once a month, the best pics are selected for publication. If your photo is published, you’ll receive a $25 Amazon e-Gift Card!  ENTER PICTURE PERFECT CONTEST

See Contest Rules below the pictures.

“While I was never really a cat person, this one’s been an integral part of the family for more than 13 years, ever since I rescued her out of the backyard right after she was born and abandoned by her mother, umbilical cord still attached. She actually turned out to be the proverbial cool cat. So cool actually that I still find myself wondering what she may be thinking whenever she’s looking at me like this: ‘Hey friend’ or ‘You would be a great snack if only I were a little bigger’.”

– Officer Yves Didier, Airport Police

John’s comment: Yves – I finally got a chance to look at this picture. It gave me a much-needed laugh and smile, especially knowing that you rescued her. Not to mention the pic is unreal. We have a “cool” cat as well, and I too often find myself wondering what she is thinking. She just turned one yesterday, a rescue too. She and I run around taking turns chasing each other until she gets tired and dramatically falls on the floor, exposing her belly for a belly rub. She’s kind of like a dog that way. Thanks for submitting!

“Here’s a picture is of a boat dock at Lake Mamie at dusk in Mammoth Lakes.”

– Firefighter John Hicks, LAFD

John’s comment: When they say a surface is smooth as glass, they might as well have been talking about this photo, John, and the lake’s surface. It’s just incredible. And your mid-ground (the boat) and the background (the pine trees) set off the reflection perfectly. Beautifully composed, artfully shot. Thanks!

“A day we will always remember.”

 Renee Ramirez, LAFD

John’s comment: Renee, I wouldn’t have to be told what day this commemorated – the picture says it all. But the composition is really striking – at the center is the flag, draped in mourning with the lack of wind, at half mast; the fire engines and personnel at the bottom, paying solemn tribute to those we lost; and the trees reaching upward to the clouds, signifying both sorrow and hope. Well done.

“The Butchart Gardens is 55 acres of group floral displaya of different flowers in Victoria, B.C. You will be amazed seeing bees, spiders and other insects coexist with the flowers and trees in the garden.”

– Corleto Manuel, Building and Safety

John’s comment: Corleto, your photo reminds me that we live in a beautiful world. I love how you used the trail at left photographically to take my eyes from the colorful flora in the lower foreground, deeper into the gardens. It’s a cool visual trick, or else the gardens might have seemed overwhelming. But you took me on the path. Well done!

“Here’s a wonderful view of Iguazu Falls, with the catwalks on the Brazil side.”

– Larry Campita, Controller’s Office

John’s comment: I love this perspective, Larry – I’ve seen many photos of the falls, but sometimes it’s hard to gain perspective. Just how big are they? It’s the same issue with photographing other natural wonders like the Grand Canyon – is it even possible to capture their enormity? The catwalks does that for me. It’s exactly the right perspective, without the human element (the catwalk) overwhelming the natural beauty. Great job!

“I visited the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve in April and was treated to this scene! If you look closely, you can see people up along the ridge. That flower-less patch in the foreground is where someone stepped off the path and damaged the flowers!”

– Carlos Aranda, DWP

John’s comment: Carlos, that is a mind-blowingly colorful photo. I can’t believe those are people up there on the left. It really gives perspective! Thanks for sending in this beautifully colorful photo.


  • Please submit the full, original digital file (up to 3 megs file size).
  • The contest is open to all Club members in good standing. Non-members are welcome to submit, but only Club members are eligible to win the monthly prize.
  • Photos can be of any subject matter: vacation, portraits, families, landscapes, still lifes, pets, etc. Subject matter must be appropriate for Alive!
  • If your photograph does not win, you are welcome to re-submit.
  • Winners are chosen by Club staff. All decisions will be final.
  • You must certify (if asked) that you indeed took the picture. No ringers!
  • The contest is all in good fun: The Club cannot be responsible for delays in delivering Alive!, or for delays in the transmission of responses.