In Memoriam: Joe Govea

Photos by Alive! and courtesy Sheri Matthews

Left: Young Joe Govea Right: Joe Govea in 2016

Joe Govea
United States Army, World War II
Building and Safety

The Club is saddened to note the death of Joe Govea, Retired, Building and Safety, who died Oct. 18. He was 98.

Joe Govea on the cover of Alive! from July 2016.

Joe was the first in Alive!’s series of World War II heroes and City Retirees we placed on our cover, and interviewed inside. He was featured in July 2016.

Association President John Hawkins attended Joe’s funeral representing the Club.

Joe served in the US Army during the Battle of the Bulge as a Rifleman, First Infantry Division, and was seriously wounded during battle. He received the Purple Heart for his heroism.

“Part of an education should be the history of our wars and the sacrifices made by the Veterans,” he said during our interview.

One final time – Joe, thank you for your service. May you Rest in Peace.