It’s Party Pix Time: Even during COVID!

We’ll print screen captures of your event in an upcoming Alive!, online and in print. (See instructions, then use form below to have your party included.)

This holiday season might be like no other in history, but the Club Holiday tradition continues – have photos from your department’s holiday party pictured in Alive! It’s too important, and too much fun, to skip a year.

Many City departments are planning to have their annual holiday party on Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeetings, or other videoconferencing app. If your department has a holiday party scheduled online, then you can be a part of our special holiday section.

There are two ways to participate:

1. Have someone in your department capture screen images (screen grabs) of your holiday event in progress. (Take several, or many.) Then go to the online form (see below), fill in the details, and upload the images. It’s that simple.

2. Or, invite the Club to attend your online holiday party. We’ll assign your Club Counselor or other Club employee, and will join your party just to take some screen grabs. We’ll handle it from there. But you must register first: go to the Alive! Website and send us your details. We’ll do our best to get to as many parties as we can, but we can’t guarantee it.

Depending on when we receive them, your pictures will appear online and/or in print in January or February. Please send the full, original digital files (the form accepts up to 50 pictures that are under 5 megs each). Send us a Word file with names and titles of people in the pictures with the file name of the picture. And make sure you give us a description of the party: when it was, where it was, and if something significant happened, let us know that, too.

Use the convenient form (below) to submit your picture and description (like peoples’ names, departments, titles).

If you have questions about what to send, email Alive! editor, John Burnes:


* Required items