Griffith Observatory names seat in honor of the late Tom LaBonge.

Tom’s daughter, Mary-Cate, and widow Brigid LaBonge at Griffith Observatory. (R) Seat F17 is now named for Tom LaBonge.

Tom Among the Stars

Images courtesy LaBonge family

Before he tragically passed away, former Councilman and proud Club Member Tom LaBonge had visited every corner of the City.

Now he’s among the stars.

In May, the Griffith Observatory named seat F17 in its planetarium for Tom, who passed away in 2021. He was a passionate supporter of all elements of Griffith Park, including the Observatory.

Tom LaBonge

“Tom has taken a place among the stars at Griffith Observatory,” Tom’s family wrote on its Instagram page. “Thank you to Dr. Ed Krupp and the Griffith Observatory Foundation.”