General Services honors all its employees as MVPs.

Last year, General Services named each of its employees as department MVPs.

In previous years, individual employees and teams were honored with the award. For 2021-22, all employees were honored by General Manager Tony Royster, Club Member due to the hard work they completed during the difficult days of the pandemic.

Fleet Services, West LA Shop

Since the pandemic began, General Services employees stepped up despite the threat and fear of COVID-19 and continued to provide essential services to the City family and its residents. The employees worked tirelessly by keeping the City moving, facilities and offices safe and clean, and high touch-point areas sanitized, ensuring the City was well stocked with PPEs and other essential items for the medical front liners, including providing housing for the unhoused. In appreciation of the remarkable work General Services employees do — particularly during the most challenging time of the pandemic — General Manager Tony M. Royster honored and recognized the hard work and dedication of the General Services employees and those the department had lost due to COVID-19.

The employee appreciation campaign started with a special thank-you card sent to each employee in November 2021, and appreciation banners and board signage were displayed throughout General Services offices and facilities in February 2022. In August 2022, the campaign culminated with the General Manager proclaiming each employee a GSD MVP! The employees were awarded a General Services MVP polo shirt and/or hat, and a video was released, with the special participation of Mayor Eric Garcetti, to give tribute to the outstanding accomplishments of the employees of the department that is truly the “Heart of the City.”

Due to the positive response from the employees for their award, General Services had a “Wear Your GSD Gear Day!” in October in collaboration with a bake sale led by the Holiday Committee. Employees were encouraged to show their General Services pride and celebrate each other with a picture day, raffle drawing, and a photo contest, which was a huge success.

The video can be viewed at:

Congratulations to all General Services employees on their cool MVP status!

Supply Chain Services, Procurement Group
Front row, from left: Martha Medina, Gloria Quach and Crystal Lengsavath. Middle: Voltaire Abad, Kitty Pai, Barron Nguyen, Nicholas Ooi, Cristal Vanegas and Nicole Gee. Back: Camille Carapetian, Connie Espinoza, Troy Lee, Siv Chan and Michael Chean.

Custodial Services
From left: Raudel Velasquez, James Martinez, Yvette Sowell, Aida Marban, Elizabeth Thatcher and Leonard Huizar Sr.

Executive Division
Lydia Marquez

Mail Services
From left: Howard Bein, Sam Galvan, Francisco Remirez, Amanda Ybarra, Michelle Arguello, Reginald Williams and Rosalinda Meza.

Supply Chain Services, Terminal Island Treatment Plant (TITP)
Joseph Calderon

Supplier and Customer Relations, Payment Services Group
From left: Yuki Cheng, Myrna Pilkington, Jacqueline Hui, Rosemarie Dibene, Alicia Mancilla, Jenny Gov, Yeonjoo Judy Jeong, Librado Julao, Belinda Manada, Cecilia Aguilar, Judy Gomez and Edmund De Baroncelli.

Fleet Services, West LA Shop
The “Wear Your Gear Day” photo contest winner: Alex Scopelitis, Javier Arteaga, Tony Cain, Chol Song, Kim, Eddie Villasenor, Rene Burgos, Donald Parrish, Wajih, Al Habbal, Enrique Ortega, Jose Vargas, Jonathan Cervantes and Ray Smith.

Supply Chain Services, Distribution Center (DCG)
Front row, from left: Byron Taylor, Thomas Melendrez, Terra Jones, Jesus Leyva, Cristal Vanegas and Arthur Vasconcelos. Back: Miguel Nunez, William Donica, Hakim Carter and Eric Romero.

Supply Chain Services, G03 and A24 Warehouses
From left: Vincent Fields, Edwin Overbeek, Sean Kennedy, Francisco Avila, Christopher Harvey and Ian Galvez.

Standards, Roads and Highways Section
From left: Hsuchia Kao, David Ten, Todd Encarnacion, Scott Chow, Morgan Wong, Eddie Bernache, Miranda Sanchez, Vinh Vu, Patrick Carrigan, Aaron Galea, Jonathan Hartzell and Hein Zaw.

Real Estate Services
Front row, from left: Amy Benson, Luisito Padua and Sophia Dominguez. Back: Lisa Schechter, Chad Manuel, Kenneth Stanberry, Zachary Millett and Charles Kuan.

Publishing Services Division
Back row, from left: Carlos Hernandez, Jose Vanegas, Kip Haneman, Jose Lopez, Sean Lai and Abby Truong. Front: Greg Analian, Joaquin Ruiz, Vicente Zamora, Victor Kim, Emily Baltas, Hector Gonzalez, Dan Hurst, Lexi Galaz, Gerald St.Onge, John Anderson and Johnny Clark.

Budget Team
From left: Emily Mayeda, Sue Xu, Elizabeth Salumbides, Cris Cudiamat, Megan Macalintal and Ronn Encarnacion, Retired.

From left: Jason Sheets, Michael Roder, David Bloomberg and Tim Chang.