Flor Burrola, Civil Eng. Associate II, gets statewide honor as ‘emerging leader.’

Flor’s on Her Way

Flor Burrola

Flor Burrula, Civil Engineering Associate II, Public Works/Sanitation, has been recognized by the California Water Environment Association as a young professional engineer of the year.

The honor was given in July.

“Sanitation and Environment is honored to have such a talented team of water professionals like Flor,” the department said.

Flor is a Civil Engineering Associate II in Sanitation’s Wastewater Engineering Services Division. “Flor Burrola is passionate about environmental and sustainable projects she works on, like the LA Zoo Storm Water project, where storm water is captured, collected, and reused around the site,” the department said.

According to the California Water Environment Association, an Emerging Leader is an individual who demonstrates leadership, performs diligently, shows commitment and has the desire to grow.

“I’m lucky to be working with the City’s Wastewater Engineering Services Division, planning and collaborating with multiple departments and agencies,” she told the association.

Burrola is a graduate of Cal State LA and in 2015 took advantage of a volunteering opportunity with Sanitation and Environment while in school. “It was a great experience,” she said. “I learned a lot, and (later) I was happy to get hired.”

As an Emerging Leader, Flor intends to keep working on her professional license and looking for environmental sustainable projects to work on, according to the association. “I want to come to work every day and be passionate about the projects I’m working on.”

Emerging Leaders are selected by a panel of seasoned industry leaders.

Congratulations, Flor!

Flor Burrola was honored by the California Water Environment Association.