Read Father’s Day messages from Club Members 2021

Alive! presents one of our most popular annual features – Father’s Day messages from Club Members. Enjoy… and happy Father’s Day!




“We love celebrating you every June and are reminded how grateful we are for all that you do for us. Happy Father’s Day! – Love, Kim and Marquas.”

For Burt Smith, Public Works/Sanitation



“Happy Father’s Day to the best dad ever! We appreciate everything you do for us. We love you!”

For Jose Rodriguez, DWP




“These two little adults make fatherhood a true blessing and a true gift from God! I am so blessed to be their dad! Love you both so much. Thank you!”

– Officer II Anselm Yu, LAPD



Happy Father’s Day to the man who paved the way for my life. ¡Feliz Día del Padre!

– From Club COO Robert Larios






 “I deeply admire the good man and wonderful father you are.
I love you, Dad.”

– Adis Gharibian, Public Works/Sanitation and Environment



“Happy Father’s Day, Apa! Gracias por ser un gran ejemplo para nosotras! Lo queremos mucho!”

– Diana & Marisol (Diana Serrano)



“Dad, thank you for your service in the Army’s 66th Counterintelligence Corps, and thanks for being one hell of a Dad!”

– from John Hawkins,
Club CEO



“You give our children someone to admire, respect and honor. You are an amazing dad. Happy Father’s Day! We love you.”

– For Ernie Gallegos, Animal Services



“IBB. You make the happiest and proudest Papa on Father’s Day. Thank you for making my life so special. I love you Sweetheart and know that you love me.”

–  Rodney Bernaldo, Public Works/Sanitation and Environment



“Tony, you’re the best dad and grandpa this kids could ever have. Thank you for your hard work and love that you provide every day. Love you and go Rams!”

– Angie Melendez, Planning



“Allen – It brings me so much joy to see you hold your son. We love you very much! Happy first Father’s Day! Love, Aiden and Lila.”

– For Allen Alegria, Rec and Parks



“Well, what can I say? Dad is full of life, still – having made the big 9-0 this year! He is the most beloved man that I know. You are the best.”

– Quinn Jones, Library



“You are the greatest father and grandfather. Thank you for all you do for our family! Happy Father’s Day! We love you so much.”

– For Charles Garcia, Public Works/StreetsLA



“Rich Joyal is an amazing father! He is fun-loving, supportive, imaginative and a wonderful provider!
We all love him so much.”

– For Rich Joyal, Public Works/Sanitation and Environment



“Dad, you are our first teacher and guide. Thank you for all that you do for our family.”

– Candace Montgomery, DWP



“Happy Father’s Day, Pop. You are the rock of our family. Thank you for all you have done for me and my siblings.
Love ya!”

–  John Mireles, Transportation



“Happy Father’s Day!”.”

Oscar Berumen, LAPD, with daughter, Camila, and son, Mateo



“Happy Father’s Day and retirement! Thank you for waking up early for 32 years and faithfully going into work. We love you and are happy you can sleep in now

– For William Wong, Retired, LADWP



“Thank you for being such an amazing hands-on loving father to our three boys. You are loved more than you know. Elena, your wife.”

For John Sousa, Airport Police




 “To our dad, who always has our back, fixes everything and never complains and loves us unconditionally! Love, your Brats of America.”

– Jasmine Moore, LADWP




“Happy Father’s Day to all our dads!”

– Marcus Johnson, Public Works/Sanitation and Environment




 “Happy Father’s Day, Dad. You are truly missed.”

– Rodney Gilbert, General Services



 “You are my Superman, old man. We love love.”

Al Williams, Retired



“Happy Father’s Day to all the men who take care of their family and children.”

– Patrick Shepherd, Public Works/Sanitation and Environment



 Happy Father’s Day to the best dad ever. We love!”

– Matthew Luster, Rec and Parks



“Happy Father’s Day to my thoughtful, loving and caring husband.”

– Kevin Davis, Transportation



“Happy Father’s Day in heaven, Dad. We love you and we all miss you dearly. Happy Birthday!”

– Jose Esqueda, Public Works/Sanitation and Environment



“D-aring A-ssertive D-edicated. I will forever love you, Daddy!
I miss you and choose to celebrate you each passing day.
Continue to fly high! XoXo.”

– Elva Rodriguez, LADWP



“Happy Father’s Day, Daddy. I love you.”

– Domenic Sareceno Jr., General Services



“Happy Father’s Day to someone who has always been a hero to us.
We all love you with all our hearts, and we are grateful for everything you have done for us.”

– Isaac Alvarez, LADWP



 “Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Love you!”

– Eduardo Hernandez, Rec and Parks



 “Happy Father’s Day to PSR2 Brandon Kemp.”

– Brandon Kemp, LAPD



 “Happy Father’s Day to an awesome dad who has positively inspired many during his 90 years. May God bless you with many more happy, healthy years.”

– Quinn Jones, Library



 “To my dad – we still remember you. With a lot of love.”

– Hector Garcia, General Services



“I received many public engagement lessons from you. When I look back at how far I’ve come, your encouragement to be
myself continues to ring true.”

Jessica Kellogg, Emergency Management Dept.