Happy Father’s Day: picture and video messages from Club Members – 2023

Alive! presents one of our most popular annual features – Father’s Day messages from Club Members. Enjoy… and happy Father’s Day!




“Your presence in our lives has brought so much happiness, joy and love to our world. Thank you for all our wonderful vacations and great memories together.”

Ross Fink, Retired, LADWP



“Happy Father’s Day! We appreciate everything you do for us! You’re the best and we love you.”

– For David Soto, LADWP




“Love you so much, now and always. Your youngest daughter, Deborah Jean Williams.”

–  Deborah Jean Williams
For Col. Joseph Post Williams, US Army



“Happy Father’s Day, Dad. It has been great having you here in Los Angeles fulltime.”

Jansen Hodge, Personnel





“Our dad is fabulous in all he is, and we wish him a big, gigantic love hug from all of us! He works and lives for us! Happy Father’s Day, Dad, with amor!”

Louie Ramos, ISD San Fernando, County of Los Angeles



“Happy Father’s Day to the hardest-working dada! We love you.”

– Marvin Magana, LADWP


“Happy Father’s Day, Dad! We love you and appreciate everything you do!”

– Adrian Richardson, Airports, for Leonard Richardson, LADWP



“Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Thank you for always supporting me and being a great role model. – Marquas”

– For Burt Smith, Public Works/Sanitation and Environment



“I am such a happy and proud Papa because of my wonderful Isabella. Every day is ‘I’m a Happy Father’s Day’ Day.”

–  Rodney Bernaldo, Public Works/Sanitation and Environment



“Elvis Murray is a father, grandfather and great-grandfather. The Lord has blessed him with a long life to see the birth of his legacy. We all love him.”

Sarah Richardson, LAPD



“Rafael Larios is my dad. Native intelligence, superior work ethic, strong faith, an expert avocado and citrus farmer, entrepreneur, and an immense love for his family. As of May 2023,he retired after 45 years in the faming profession in California. If I can be half the man my dad is, I’ll be twice the man I ever thought I could be. Congratulations on your retirement and Happy Father’s Day!”

Rafael Larios es mi papá. Inteligencia nativa, ética de trabajo superior, fe fuerte, un experto agricultor de aguacates y cítricos, empresario y un inmenso amor por su familia. A partir de mayo de 2023, se retiró después de 45 años en la profesión agrícola en California. Si puedo ser la mitad del hombre que es mi padre, seré el doble del hombre que alguna vez pensé que podría ser. ¡Felicitaciones por su jubilación y feliz día del padre!

– From Club CEO Robert Larios



“Dad, there are no perfect words to say we love you and appreciate all that you did for Mom and my siblings. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.”

– Andy Morales, Public Works/Sanitation and Environment



“Dad, thank you for supporting me in all I do. I wouldn’t have been able to make it this far without you.”

– Jason Oja, LADWP



“Thank you, Dad, Marco Trinidad, for your love, guidance, faith and sense of humor. We miss your smile and stories. Happy heavenly Father’s Day!”

– Rachel Griffin, Retired, Convention Center



“Daddy, I miss you every day! You live in my heart, and that makes me smile.”

– Rose Serrato, LAPD



“Happy Father’s Day to our hardworking dad. Thank you for your love and care, and being a good father to us. We love you. Love, Whitney and Sadie.”

–  For Charles Dirden, LADWP



“Thank you for your love, guidance and care throughout the years. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!”

Candace Montgomery, LADWP



“I wish my nephew, Tyler, a very awesome first Father’s Day.”

Rodney Gilbert, LAFD



“Happy Father’s Day to a father who never gives up on being better. We appreciate all you do.”

– Officer Erika Gonzalez, LAPD



 “Happy Father’s Day to my biggest hero, Henry Mazin Sr.! The Employees Club is lucky to have two Henry Mazins.”

– Henry Mazin Jr., General Services




“Best dad ever! Happy Father’s Day. We love you.”

– Jose Manzo, General Services



“Happy Father’s Day to my dad in heaven. I love you, Dad.”

– Jose Manzo, General Services