Read Father’s Day messages from Club Members – 2020

Alive! presents one of our most popular annual features – Father’s Day messages from Club Members. Enjoy… and happy Father’s Day!







“Happy Father’s Day to the best dad and husband ever! We love you and hoping you rock on every day!”

For Chris Ewing, Housing



“Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I love you mucho.
From Daddy’s girl, Madelyn.”

For Martin Lopez, DWP



Happy Father’s Day to the man who paved the way for my life. ¡Feliz Día del Padre!

From Club COO Robert Larios



“Dad, thank you for taking good care of us, for teaching us how to fix things, and for instilling a strong work ethic within us. Happy Father’s Day!”

Candace Montgomery, DWP






“My father will probably never grasp how much of a positive influence he has been for me along my entire life journey.
I love you, Dad!

Kathleen Dawson, Animal Services




“Happy Father’s Day to my amazing dad. 90 years old never looked so good! I love you, Dad.”

Det. III Carmen Johnson, Retired, LAPD




“My dad was the best dad. He was in the service. He worked hard for his family and taught me to work for what
I want. Happy Father’s Day.”

– Jacqueline Powell, Harbor



“We love and appreciate you every day! But Father’s Day is a great day to celebrate you and all that you do for our family. Love, Marquas and Kim.”

– For Burt Smith, Public Works/Sanitation



“Happy Father’s Day to our wonderful PapaBear, Carlos. Thank you for everything you do for us.
Love, Natalie, Desiree, Joseph, Meeko and Princess.”

For Carlos Arroyo, DWP



“To my loving husband, John Sousa – thank you so much for being such an incredible father to our three boys.
We love you more than you know.”

Elena Sousa, Airport Police



“To my humble and kind father – thank you for everything.
We miss you every day! Love you, Pops.”

Rudy Gonzalez, Retired, DWP




“Watching you grow from my amazing little brother to the best daddy in the world fills my heart with joy and love.
Happy Father’s Day, Tito! Love, Tia Maggi.”

Det. Sandra Platero, LAPD



“For our super dad. Celos Lopez.”

Carlos Lopez, Animal Services




“Thank you, Camila, for making me the happiest father
in the world.”

Oscar Berumen, LAPD



“To my husband, Eric – Happy Father’s Day to a wonderful father and granddad. Love, the Mrs.”

For Eric Jones, General Services; submitted by Christal Jones, Retired, DWP



“My dad, Willie C. Hodge Sr. is an awesome example of
hard work and dedication.”

Jansen Hodge, LAFD



““Wishing my hardworking dad a Happy Father’s Day.
We love you!”

Stephanie Bernal, Rec and Parks



“Happy Father’s Day to a wonderful dad and amazing husband. Luv you both.””

Tamara Armstrong, Harbor



“Happy Father’s Day to a great dad.”

Rosalinda Garcia, Rec and Parks




“Wishing my hardworking dad a Happy Father’s Day!
We love you, grandpa. Love, Jeremiah.”

Stephanie Bernal,
Rec and Parks


“Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for taking great care of baby Logan and mommy Christina in the hospital, and every day since. We love you!”

For Joaquin de Artola, DWP



“A strong father of three, and our daughter, Mai’yanee, loves how you make life growing up extremely the greatest.
We love you!”

Randalina Robinson,
Rec and Parks




“Love support, wisdom, patience, presence: So blessed to have a dad who has always given all of these. Freely.
Love you, Dad.
The A-Team.”

AW, Housing



“Thank you for always being there for me, Papa!
I hope you enjoy your Father’s Day.”

Isabella Bernaldo, for Rodney Bernaldo, Public Works/Sanitation



“Wishing much health and happiness to the
best dad and grandfather.
¡Zapotaso electrico!

For Juan Galvez, General Services



“Happy birthday and happy Father’s Day. We love you!”

Sara Richardson, LAPD



“Daddy, it’s been five years since I heard your voice, laughter
and your wise advice. I miss you every day. Lucky me for having had the best dad, Apa.”

Rose Serrato, Retired, LAPD



“Kevin, I’m so very proud of the son, the man and the father you are. Happy Father’s Day and happy birthday.
Love, Mom.”

Susan Washington, Retired/Airport Police



“Timothy, I am very proud of the father that you’ve become.
Enjoy your Father’s Day, Son”

– Cassandra Rosser, Finance/Los Angeles County



“Willie Rosser, the best dad in the world! Enjoy your special day!
Love always, your lil girl.”

Cassandra Rosser, Finance/Los Angeles County




“Thank you, Dad, for all you have done for our family!
We all love you so much!”

Fernando Sanchez, DWP



“I would like to send a shout-out to my brother, Super Dad of three kids! Happy Father’s Day!”

Jonathan Elie, Public Works/Sanitation



“I am who I am because of my dad. Love you, Dad!”

– Officer II Anselm Yu, LAPD



“Happy Father’s Day, Pops. Looking forward to another
special day with you.”

John Mireles, Transportation



“To my dad, Robert Janeck, I love you and wish you were here. Happy Father’s Day! Love, Danny, Tieler, Caden, Christine and Susan Janeck.”

Daniel Janeck, General Services



“Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! I love you. – John.”

– For Javier Aldaco, General Services



“My father loved his family with all his heart.
His love for me was immeasurable.”

Debora Fore, Retired, LAPD



“I honor and thank you for the love and support in all I do.
I appreciate how easy it is to talk to you. I love you so much.
Happy Father’s Day!”

Michelle Brown, Public Works/Sanitation



“I would like to wish my Pops a Happy Father’s Day!
You mean the world to us all! So keep enjoying life and keep smiling.”

Eugene Slusher, Transportation



“Happy Father’s Day! Thanks for the laughs!”

Cherie Ivers, Harbor



“Thank you for all the sacrifices you make for our family and all the joy and love you bring into our lives. We couldn’t have asked for a better dad!”

Adis Gharabian, Public Works



“To a very special dad. We love you! (CPNAJL)”

Carlos Fregoso, Public Works/StreetsLA



“Happy Father’s Day to all, but especially to my father in heaven!”

Jose Manzo, General Services






“Happy Father’s Day! Te amo, Papá.”

Cecilia Manzo, DWP



“Thank you for exemplifying a Godly life in leading us sacrificially.
Can’t wait to follow in your footsteps!
Happy Father’s Day! Love, Joseph and Peter.”

– For John Otoshi, DWP




“You are the best dad and papa! We love you!”

– For Lorenzo Sandoval, Probation, LA County