Exec. Director Gene Seroka shares monthly updates with C&M.

Checking In

Executive Director Gene Seroka and the regular C&M check-in gathering.

On March 29, Harbor Executive Director Gene Seroka, Club Member, held the quarterly Town Hall gathering for Construction and Maintenance employees. The regular events update the C&M staff on Harbor news updates and recognize employees for their strong safety records and present service dedication awards. With more than 200 employees, C&M supports the maintenance, repair, alteration and reconstruction of Harbor-owned facilities and infrastructure.

The gathering was held at Banning’s Landing Community Center. 

Honored for their years
of service to the City were:

10 Years

Jasmine Castro
Frank Alvarez

15 Years

Rafael Diaz
Willie Brown
Angel Avila
Stephen James
Marco Santa Cruz
Ricky Dutalles
Robert Bustamante
Mikquel Jamerson

20 Years

Luis Daniel Ruiz
Tony Maxwell
Tina Lizada
Thuong Le
Martin Lovato
Sam Meek
David Comer
Sher Sha
Jamie Smith

25 Years

Omero Guzman
Alfred Vasquez
Daniel Hughes

30 Years

Michael Dinius
Jesse Gonzales

35 Years

Ramon Estrada

Special thanks to the Harbor’s Rachel Campbell, Club Member, for her assistance.