Events and Filming team wins statewide California on Location Award.

The Events and Filming team includes (clockwise, from top left) Eric Robles, Brian Baltazar, Alejandra Alvarez and Pierre Riotoc.

Slated for Success

General Services’ Events and Filming Team – Eric Robles, Chief Management Analyst, Special Services, Club Member; Pierre Riotoc, Assistant Director, Special Services; Brian Baltazar, Management Analyst; and Alejandra Alvarez, Management Assistant – won the prestigious California on Location Award (COLA) for 2022. COLA stands for California on Location Awards, a prestigious honor in the entertainment business.

Pierre Riotoc (left) and Eric Robles accepted the honor for the team at a ceremony last December.

The award came in the award’s “City” division. The award ceremony took place last December.

The award recognizes excellence in providing exceptional services and being champions for the film industry. Last year marked the third year the team was nominated and the first time it won.

The Events and Filming team is part of General Services’ Special Services Division.

Well done to the team!