FireStatLA Manager Drew Steinberg honored for obtaining $15 million grant.

Drew Steinberg with Capt. Erik Scott.

Story and photo courtesy Capt. Erik Scott, LAFD

On Aug. 23, the LAFD honored FireStat for being instrumental in generating millions of dollars for the department. FireStatLA Manager Drew Steinberg was recognized for her instrumental involvement in the LAFD obtaining a $15.4 million federal grant, allowing the LAFD to fortify resources at four busy fire stations.

In 2011, due to budgetary constraints, 11 Engine Companies and 7 Light Forces were cut. That’s a total of 270 firefighters positions removed! However, it has been the mission of Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas, Mayor Eric Garcetti and UFLAC to restore the department’s critically diminished personnel. To do so, the LAFD has applied more than a dozen times for FEMA’s “Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response” (SAFER) grant, to no avail. That is until the department unleashed Drew Steinberg. She spearheaded this effort, utilized resources available through FireStat, collaborated with IAFF, along with compiling an accurate statistical analysis of the department’s needs to submit a superior grant.

The awarded $15.4 million grant allowed the LAFD to hire a critically needed additional recruit class in early 2018. This recruit class created the additional personnel necessary to staff the four new engines that went into service in July – in Echo Park (Fire Station 20), Lincoln Heights (Fire Station 1), Reseda (Fire Station 73) and Mission Hills (Fire Station 75).

The LAFD thanked Drew for jumping in with both feet when asked to write this important grant, and because of her initiative, the LAFD received the largest SAFER grant in the nation in 2017.

Congrats, Drew!