Club’s 94th annual meeting returns from pandemic, highlights #ClubMobile service.

All Aboard for #ClubMobile 2023

The Club held its 94th annual meeting Jan. 17 at the California Endowment in downtown Los Angeles. The annual meeting was held once again in person after three years of being held virtually due to the pandemic.

“It cannot be understated that we are happy to see you all in person after the pandemic,” said Club President and CEO Robert Larios in beginning the luncheon.

The swearing-in of the Club board was held virtually in mid-December of last year for the year 2022.

The Jan. 17, in-person event highlighted #ClubMobile, the Club’s expanded and comprehensive initiative to bring Club services, insurance information and retail operations directly to municipal offices and worksites.

Highlighting the #ClubMobile theme was the Mobile Team tent, constructed right inside the auditorium (a definite and dramatic first). #ClubMobile specialists were on hand to showcase the initiative’s capabilities.

The Club also debuted “The Club Comes to You in 2023,” a video presentation highlighting the team that makes #ClubMobile such a great service for Club Members.

Club CEO Robert Larios and Chief Operating Officer Summy Lam handled the hosting duties.

The Club Boards for 2023 consist of:

LACEA (Association) Board of Directors
Phillipe Chou, LADWP
Jackie Koci Tamayo, Santa Clara County
Carlos Rodriguez, LADOT
Andrew Virzi III, LADWP
Capt. Danny Wu, LAFD

LACEA Insurance Services
(The Club), all Retired:
Terry Carter
Marilyn Holley
Rose Hyland
David Muraoka
Rita Robinson

Please see the biographies of new Board Members Carlos Rodriguez and Jackie Koci here.

Robert and Summy acknowledged Club business partners and vendors in the room before highlighting two who were awarded with annual honors (see box, right).

“2023 marked a remarkable transformation for Club operations,” Larios continued. “With the launch of our innovative ‘#ClubMobile’ initiative, Members can enjoy the full value and convenience of our services without having to make that long trek downtown!

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of #ClubMobile, a program that brings all the benefits of Club Membership directly to your office and worksite,” Summy Lam said. “This initiative is part of our ongoing efforts to improve service and meet the needs of our members. As convenience and value become increasingly important, we understand the importance of providing both.”

“There’s no person who ever lived who wasn’t capable of amazing things,” Robert Larios continued. “So let’s get started unlocking limitless possibilities with #ClubMobile!

“This is why the Club exists – we do what we do because the employees of the City, County and State deserve to be acknowledged, celebrated, honored, shown gratitude and given thanks for your service,” Robert Larios said in conclusion. “Your service makes our communities, cities, counties, and state better places. Everything we do is meant to thank you and show our gratitude to you.

“I end today’s meeting, on behalf of the Employees Club staff, by saying thank you for your service – we celebrate you, we honor you, and we wish you a wonderful year of happiness, good health, and success.”

Here’s to another great year of service to municipal employees!

Recognition for Great Club Service

The Club is all about great service to City Employees, and the second half of the
luncheon was dedicated to recognition of exemplary service.


Club President’s Award

Presenting the President’s Award to Cheryl Martin, Member Services Counselor, are (from left) Robert Larios and Summy Lam.

The Club President’s Award is given to a Club staff member who has gone above and beyond the scope of their job. The award this year was presented to Member Services Counselor Cheryl Martin.

“Cheryl’s dedication to the Club is non-stop,” said Summy Lam in presenting the award. “Even when the physical Club offices were closed due to the pandemic, she still called and emailed thousands of employees to help them with their benefits. Her exceptional work ethic and consistency have made her an invaluable team member to the Member Services Department and the entire Employees Club.”

“Cheryl, you have set the bar high for all employees of the Club by being an inspiration and an example,” Robert Larios said. “But most importantly, you have given our Club Members the ultimate in customer service, allowing us to truly celebrate the work and lives of municipal employees and to give them the proper recognition that their work is important, it matters, and they matter.

“In my 25 years with this organization, I have seen many exceptional people – but you stand out.

“Thank you and congratulations!”

Club Ambassador Award

Will Martinez, Zoo

The Club Ambassador Award is given to a Club Ambassador who exemplifies excitement and enthusiasm for this great City, colleagues and the Club. The honor was given to William Martinez, Zoo.

“Last year we upgraded our Club Rep Program and created the elite Club Ambassador Circle,” explained Robert Larios. “Ambassadors provide the Club with information about their departments … and also promote the Club by helping to facilitate site visits and refer their colleagues.

“I am honored to recognize one Club Ambassador who went above and beyond this past year. The winner is William Martinez! He is energetic, communicative, and extremely passionate about the Club, and we are fortunate to have him a part of our team!”